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Journalists Sue Trump Over Inclusion on "Kill List"


Journalists Sue Trump Over Inclusion on "Kill List"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Two journalists have sued President Donald Trump saying they are on the "Kill List"—an "illegal death sentence" that violates their constitutional rights and impedes their professional work, the lawsuit charges.


This is murder, disgusting and illegal. Our only hope in this is all people guilty of breaking these laws, enforced at Nuremberg after WWII by the US and other nations, will one day be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. As we have seen many times in the past with international criminals, many do not outlive their day in court and will eventually be brought to justice before a world court. I am talking about Bush, Cheney, Rice, Clinton, Obama, et al, not the above mentioned reporters. To live in constant fear of death by drone or assassaination is torture!


very effective way to silence another point of view or the truth . not surprising and not new, unfortunately.


Just asking: is it a stretch, with the current fascist in our White House, that other people, besides journalists that may embarrass Trump, will be included on Trumps kill list?


It wouldn't be too surprising to hear Trump regime officials respond to those of us who ask such questions with: "That's it, your on the Kill List!"


"It's an affront to U.S. values" that a "Kill List" exists at all!


"U.S. values" is a nothingness term, which is void of any sense of morality.


By far the most important paragraph in the article was this:

And though the two journalists were put on list by President Barack Obama, that list has been inherited by Trump, who "has continued to include them on the Kill List and has, in addition, removed certain restrictions and criteria previously employed in the designation of persons to be included on the Kill List."

Obama got a pass day after day from writers who post at Common Dreams and at lefty sites everywhere. Give Trump hell, but we are all dead if we don't give the corporatist Democrats just as much hell, because they are every bit as dangerous and every bit as much in league with the billionaire oligarchs trying to take over the planet.


Yes, the term " American values" reminds me of Ralph Waldo Emerson's statement. To paraphrase: What American values really are speaks so loudly; that what America says it's values are; cannot be heard.