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Journalists Who Relayed GOP's Deficit Moaning Owe Us Apologies


Journalists Who Relayed GOP's Deficit Moaning Owe Us Apologies

Adam Johnson

Shouldn't the many journalists who served as message-carriers for Republicans' claims that the deficit was an urgent issue that they cared about in earnest apologize for being taken in?


The MSM is nothing but the propaganda and disinformation arm of the elites. You listen to their forked tongue at your peril. If you want to know what is truly important simply think about that which the MSM won’t talk about like economic inequality, global warming or money controlling politics. They never talk about the elephants in the room. There are still good sources of information on the internet that they haven’t censored yet. But soon the fascists will censor them as well. Indeed they have already started…


Screw the apologies, fire the bastards for not doing their damn jobs!


Shouldn’t the Dems be accused of delivering the same message on the supposed importance reining in deficits?

Didn’t Obama come close to starting the process of eating into the New Deal by appointing his Catfood Commission and almost getting his Grand Bargain done–because deficits?

And isn’t the true crime of the mainstream media their omission of analyzing the entire concept of MMT and fiat currency? Is the mainstream media concerned about the replacement of the USD as the international petro-currency? Has the mainstream media written about the huge amount of US debt held by the Fed? Or the huge debt being rolled up by countries like Japan?

When, in fact, will this whole notion of debt/taxes be labeled a farce? I mean, dang, as long as we print money to pay the interest, who cares?


The only reason the horrendous Cat Food Commission Grand Bargain “reforms” failed is because the crazy racist right hated Obama so much they wouldn’t approve anything he was involved in – even their own agenda.

Thank the goddesses/gods for the power of raw human hatred. It seems it may be the only actually human quality that survives in these times.


Who says these idiots ever were anything that resembles journalists – people who actually attempt to report truth by supporting their work with actual facts and correcting the work when it is clearly wrong.


Propagandists? Yes

Journalist ? Never

That is why mainstream media “anchors” are paid millions.

The media whipped so many Murkins into a deficit frenzy during Obama’s 2011 grand bargain attempt that both of our long serving US Senators said they had never before received so many constituent contacts on a single issue.

Not to mention the war drum the media beat so loud during the run up to the 2003 Iraq invasion.

Citizen Kane was NOT fiction.


Republicans have been filthy liars since Nixon. When the chickens of Trump’s White House came home, they were exposed as overt filthy white supremacists and religious cooks of the first order. No matter how long they roosted and shit there. Which people without AADD have also known for 5 decades, as well.
As to the MSM, the situation with Joan Walsh at MSNBC, should tell you everything you need to know about " the liberal media " in the U.S. in 2017. Whether Walsh was your cup of tea, or not, her apparent replacement is arch-conservative and Opus Dei talking pusshead, Hugh Hewitt. The only way sane folks should tune into Hugh would be to watch him mud wrestle George Will in the nude. While Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams and Chris Matthews served as a three panel judge, picking the winner.
And really, can Joe Biden having his own ( pre-POTUS announcement ) program be far off or out of the realm of the possible? Did Donald Trump become " normalized " by the MSM as presidential in 2017? Is Jeff Sessions really Attorney General of any country besides Honduras or Hungary, in 2017? I rest my case on what exists in the " art of the possible ", when it comes to The Empire’s well greased death machine. Close your eyes, hear a humming sound?
The Hollywood Film Butter Churn, in 2017, produced something like 500+ films and god knows how much content. See more than 10-15 of these masterpieces waiting to happen? Who knew you could produce so much rancid butter by milking the fever dreams and fevered actions of well-tanned white male swine.
When the ongoing murder and/or degradation of millions of your fellow citizens is only real if it’s theatre; well, now that’s entertainment. Don’t even think about the quaint old term, foreign policy. It’s gone from foreign to alien in one or two dreadful New York minutes. Grab the popcorn and head for the sofa, indeed.
So it goes…in the one and only indispensable nation in the world.
Me, I watching the Weather Channel and the up-to-date 10 day forecasts. News shit keeps coming to light all the time.


Obama was not a progressive. He could have been the second FDR instead he was the first black president.


The deficit hawking always was a con. Oligarchs in power without any checks spend like crazy on War, tax cuts and security. Out of power scream about deficits. That is the con. Obama bought the con like his entire generation.


The GOP only cares about debt if their donors are the ones paying the debt.


Of course, “a healthy media” wouldn’t have pimped this piss in the first place

And collective amnesia will again set in when lifeline social programs are guillotined in the name of “fiscal responsibility”, won’t it just?


Krugman doesn’t deserve much credit in allaying deficit fears - he too does not comprehend the macroeconomic realities of a sovereign fiat currency issuing nation.
‘Paul Krugman’s ideas are part of the problem’ says a doyen of MMT Prof Bill Mitchell:
"…Not that long ago, March 24, 2011 to be exact – he [Krugman] wrote a New York Times article The Austerity Delusion where he ran the same line about the Republicans (about the US ending up like Greece) and wrote:

But couldn’t America still end up like Greece? Yes, of course. If investors decide that we’re a banana republic whose politicians can’t or won’t come to grips with long-term problems, they will indeed stop buying our debt.

Which tells us that he is not on top of the subtleties of monetary systems. In fact, he should have answered his own rhetorical question with an emphatic no – never!.."

Krugman is just another corporate servant, an IS-LM conforming careerist ‘economist’ herding citizen’s wealth to oligarchic neoliberalist coffers.