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Jubilation as Australians Vote in Favor of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage


Jubilation as Australians Vote in Favor of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While celebrations broke out nationwide, some called for additional legislative efforts to more broadly improve the lives of LGBTQ Australians

Australians celebrate marriage equality vote


Definitely a step in the right direction. Well done Australia! I find these words to be unsettling and reflective of the white (male) supremacy entrenched in the world’s governing institutions and societies.

As I scrolled through the jubilant trends on Twitter this morning, it was this 40 percent that stopped me from partaking in the joy. For this 40 percent is an indication of something much larger than a population’s view on marriage legislation—it is an indication that for a huge proportion of people, the LGBTQI+ community is unequal to them. And this, not the ability to get married, is what we should be addressing.

I gotta wonder if that 40% of Australians were US citizens, if they would be Trump supporters? There just appears to be this third of the population of particular nations that is hell bent on keeping others disenfranchised. Systemic racism plays its role, but I also detect a personal choice to remain close-minded.


But minds do change over time (and new generations replace the bigots):

Today’s 40% is 2020’s 30% and 2025’s 20%

Of course the pace of opinion change can be ridiculously slow in America. In 1936 Gallup asked whether people approved of married women being paid for work and 72% disapproved; by 1969 that number was down to 40%; and by 1998 it was down to 18%. So often it really is generational change that has the main affect on long term progress toward rational thinking.


Marriage is deeply rooted in patriarchy and inequality so that simply changing the legal definition of who can be married really falls short of real social mobility. Still, there seems to be a true celebration here so by all means carry on.



It is that same mindset (the naysayers on marriage equality and equal rights for the LGBTQI community) that motivates the KKKristians in Alabama to continue their support of a known, proven pedophile and sexual predator, Moore for the US Senate. One respondent said “Moore has been forgiven by God for his sins and she could not condemn him as he had been forgiven because he prayed to God for that forgiveness.” (Just gagged…sorry) Another said that he would continue to back Moore because “he will do his best to outlaw abortion and punish gays for their sins.” Yup, fine upstanding KKKristians.



WOW! Minchin is phenomenal…he combined history, facts, distorted beliefs, and all that is questionable about organized religion based on bible thumping in one incredible song! Will certainly share this with friends.

Thank you!


From what I’ve seen, Aussies are less “jubilant” than they are fatigued and annoyed at how dragged out the process has been. At least, that’s what I mostly see among facebook comments from Australians regarding the “yes” vote. They had quite a bit of vocal competition, but the actual percentage of their population that was against gay marriage was similar (perhaps a bit less) to the percentage of trumpsters here.
They do have their work cut out for them in regards to fighting the old white/redneck/simple-country-folk-don’t-need-no-librul-sissies kind of mindset. I have friends there that are quite liberal for AUS, and even they shock me with some of their statements. Still, baby steps… right?