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Judge Asks ACLU for "Possible Punishment" Ideas After Trump Misses Deadline to Reunite Youngest Children With Parents


Judge Asks ACLU for "Possible Punishment" Ideas After Trump Misses Deadline to Reunite Youngest Children With Parents

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While President Donald Trump and administration officials took to social media to celebrate the fact that 12 Thai children and their soccer coach will be reunited with their families after being trapped in a cave for 18 days, the White House didn't even come close to meeting Tuesday's court-imposed deadline to


Indict the bastard grifter Trump, dismantle ICE–there’s some punishment ideas for you, Judge.


We could start with a public flogging of Trump, Sessions, Neilsen and Azar, followed by an award of damages to the victims – immediate citizenship and a stipend equal to three times the poverty level for the family harmed for, say, 10 years or so, would be a good start.

On top of that, our anti-heroic four, should spend some time in the local jail for contempt of Court (and humanity).

Finally, take the Tangerine Twit’s Twitter account away from him.


We seem to be facing colonial/imperial powers facing masses of people who are aware of the hideous history of genocidal, ecocidal and ethnocidal usurpation by predatory capitalism based on “exceptionalism” of the church/state bludgeon. We are experiencing consequences of this history which has been obfuscated by the text publication houses.

The Real News Network takes a look at Macron as an example of the rhetorical denial of the consequences of the legacy power he represents. The looting of African resources continues with deadly ecological and societal consequences. Africom is part of this overall machinery. Ask Trump admin what is happening with Africom and why there is rarely any mention much less public discussion about it.

Shared by the abuse of asylum seekers and immigrants all too often is flight from the CONSEQUENCES OF THE LEGACY OF INDUSTRIAL IMPERIALISM.


So Trump broke the law and lied again. Think its time to slap cuffs on him yet, or should we have a discussion about it?


You left out two, at least, heinous blobs of protoplasm: Thomas Homan and Stephen Miller, both VERY implicated in this shyt. Sometimes I think they’re the worst…sometimes.


i don’t think that Trump or ICE are really trying. I suppose that since America has been bombing parents and children for 17 years, I guess that this horrifying "Where’s Waldo, " moment doesn’t seem like a big deal to ICE or Trump.

Say, how about this? We need to know the you’re really trying government--------so. let’s have ICE and Trump take kids from their own families…send the kids ahead with a 3 day start and then give Trump and ICE 3 days to find them. This way we’d see how sincere they are about finding kids—although, maybe we’d find out that they don’t care about their own kids either


how about donnie goes to jail?


Treat every single person involved in this as kidnappers would be treated. Arrest them, charge them, try them, jail them.


Perhaps forcing them to watch 30 hours of Democracy Now. Well on second thought maybe that would be a bit too harsh. .


Good point. Folks who have been brainwashed can only handle truth and reality in small doses.


Y’know, I’d go for this if it weren’t for innocent little kids. Maybe instead, expose the kids to things that would build sensitivity and compassion in them. Have to review Kohlberg’s stages of building morality in kids, building conscience and compassion. It’s clear the kids of these swamp dwellers are not going to get such values installed in their homes.


Fine him a crippling and unreasonable amount (dollars$) per day for each day without compliance. Same as he would do as a mean landlord to his tenants - and has done to his personal driver, who is suing him for 3,000 hours of overtime, right now!.


Doncha just love his crap about NATO members not paying their fair share…while he stiffs anyone he can?
What a puke. And now NPR seems to be lionizing him.:nauseated_face:


I think the only proper punishment for Trump is Hanging.

Perhaps then, the Republicans will learn.


The reality is that there is very little that judge can do to punish the Trump administration. Officials can not be imprisoned, removed from office, or temporarily suspended. Any fines will be paid for by tax payers’ money. About the only sanction possible is a formal reprimand - the equivalent of a strong finger waging.



I guess Hanging is not an option.



Why can’t officials be imprisoned , true the president can’t but what about the “Homeland Security” Sec. Call her before the court and ask what she is doing to fix this problem. And if she is evasive PUT HER IN JAIL!


I am sure we can all think creatively about non violent ways that we could personally punish The Trump Gang! I would like to go out to the burbs and confront the Republican Party headquarters at their comfortable business park building instead of joining a demonstration downtown. Get smart and get strategic. Time to buy one of those new powerful megaphones folks.


They are going to reunite 54 tomorrow and after that each case will be decided individual. The Judge just denied a blanket extension.