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Judge Asks ACLU for "Possible Punishment" Ideas After Trump Misses Deadline to Reunite Youngest Children With Parents


Oh no, you were spot on to point it out.


Whew! Thx for reading me right! :hugs:


Did you see that Dump wants to make the parents pay for the DNA testing?
I’m beginning to believe in reincarnation…these bast***s are Nazi redux.


I’d hit 'em where their wallet is and fine them several hundred million dollars — most all of that to go to the families he split up and a percentage to go to the ACLU and Amnesty Int’l. And — let them sit in crowded cramped hot jail cells for the amount of time the children were separated from their parents.


Sounds like something you should do. It might take 300 or maybe 3,000 hours though to have a real effect, if that’s possible at all.


I suspect that they didn’t bother to collect data showing who the adults accompanying the children were because they just don’t care.

These are not normal or decent human beings.

The children are just another commodity to them and somebody is making a lot of money “caring” for them.


There are all sorts of issues, some people don’t have established identities, they are from different countries with different objectives (immigrant/refugee) and different agencies all mixed together. And there are more people than the system can really handle.

What I don’t think most realize is that much of the process is done by the same agencies that service everyone. Probably not good news that there is more once the initial steps of immigration have been met.

I’m sure that includes a fair share of despicable people.


It comes down to the effort that was made to preserve the family relationships of those refugees that presented themselves in search of protection from conditions that in many if not most cases, the USA itself created or helped create in their home countries.

This is an international issue:

Legislation to protect the rights of girls, boys and adolescents has been passed by the United Nations and replicated in many countries including Mexico. The USA has been remiss in not ratifying many of these initiatives and should be held accountable by all who recognize the validity and importance of these efforts.


‘inhumane policies’? I believe there is a redundant ‘e’ in there somewhere.