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Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Bad Character Has Nothing to Do With His Bad Politics

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Bad Character Has Nothing to Do With His Bad Politics

T.S. Mendola

Brett Kavanaugh’s politics are bad—not in the sense that they are sloppy or imprecise, but in the sense that they consistently curtail bodily autonomy and individual freedoms.

Women have an alert system for men who are abusive. That is why most women dislike and distrust Trump and Kavanaugh. While McConnell may have done the most damage to the nation, women do not have any fear of McConnell in person. They may, like me, hate him for his theft of the courts and domination of the Senate destroying our system. The days of controlling women’s bodies with laws preventing abortions and birth control pills are not going to work despite the need for some men and religious extremists to control women in every way.


Mendola sez: “To reward even the whisper of such behavior with the highest judgeship in the land is to destroy the underpinnings of a functioning democracy.”

The underpinnings of U.S. ‘democracy’ are as rotted pilings upthrust crookedly from the primordial ooze, and unattached to anything of substance.


True, but I would also add that Judge Kavanaugh is unfit to be a Judge on any court…PERIOD!

The saying that how can you expect justice by going before the unjust… is absolutely true in the case of Judge Kavanaugh!


President Trump, Senators McConnell and Graham, Fox News and their like are desperately trying to convince us, in the teeth of abundant evidence of multiple counts of perjury, alcoholism, antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders, a sudden and unexplained increase in his wealth, and an elitist, pro-1% judicial philosophy, that Judge Kavanaugh is a totally innocent, perfectly virtuous and resolutely ethical jurist. The misogyny and distortion of evidence they are employing will cost them on election day. The cursory, stage-managed FBI probe may well turn out to be a whitewash, but intrepid activists and journalists will keep digging, and when Democrats–flawed as they are–gain a bicameral majority next month, articles of impeachment will be filed, the few moderate Republican senators will be forced to support removal rather than destroy their own credibility in the presence of a number of instances of blatant perjury over a dozen years, and those who frantically lied to gain Mr Kavanaugh’s confirmation will be exposed as liars and shills utterly lacking in empathy and ethics, traits which are much admired by their party’s base, but provoke revulsion among decent people. This isn’t going to go well for them, and they’d do better to take Ivanka Trump’s advice and “cut bait.”


“The same argument that connects Kavanaugh’s bad character to his bad politics, in other words, implicitly admits the converse: that good politics are a sign of good character.”

No, it doesn’t. That’s a logical fallacy. Bad character generally does reflect bad policy; there is a clear connection between political belief in authoritarianism and personal belief in white male superiority that leads one to be a rapist, misogynist, racist, and to otherwise discount others’ rights and integrity. “Good” behavior in public is as likely to be a sham as real, and a cover for reprehensible beliefs and private acts. (It’s obviously extremely unusual for people to cover up good private behavior and beliefs with bad public ones.)

All we have to do to know this is to look at the corporate duopoly’s candidates and officials. Even most of the ones who seem OK on the outside are reprehensible militaristic, ecologically destructive, classist, racist, misogynist policy makers. Selfishness and lack of empathy are revealing; fake selflessness and fake empathy are nearly universal.

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There has to be a correlation between voting to take more money away from poor, sick, and elderly people, which is political and bad character. Some are very punitive and vote that way. I believe Kavanaugh’s bad character comes out in more than one way. In vino veritas. See my article on personality types and alcohol at

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HI J4Z, I read a great definition of character once. I don’t know who said or wrote it, but it is:
Character is what you do when no one is looking…
I think that is what makes sense to me—the good tings that people can do for themselves and others that a person will never get credit for—but the person will do the right thing for all concerned. I guess it’s a variation of this idea: treat people the way you want to be treated.

Mr. Kavanaugh seems to think that he has a divine right to do what he does----selfishness and a meanness which belittles others doesn’t translate into creating a democratic republic very well


This article’s title – “Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Bad Character Has Nothing to Do With His Bad Politics” – seems extremely and dangerously mistaken, in my opinion.

I believe that a person’s political ideology and policy actions are heavily influenced by a person’s character, personality, and psychology.

For example, consider the political ideology and policy actions of President Trump, Senator McConnell, and Representative Ryan – or any right-wingers you know in detail and object to strongly.

Their cruel and harmful political beliefs and policy actions cause unfair and inhumane suffering – and even death – to countless innocent people! They take from the needy and give to the already excessively rich!

Mentally healthy people and morally good people do not cause unjust suffering to thousands or millions of innocent people! Therefore, logically, persons who have unfair and inhumane ideologies and commit harm to numerous innocent people are not mentally healthy or morally good.

Also logically, a person’s character, personality, and psychology is mostly formed in childhood and into adolescence – but almost everyone’s political ideology and political actions are formed in adolescence and especially in adulthood.

Therefore, logically, a person’s character, personality, and psychology develop before their political ideology and actions – and the latter is highly influenced by the former.

So, to say that a person’s character “has nothing to do with” a person’s politics seems extremely mistaken – and even dangerous!

There’s even an important, recent book entitled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” – edited by Bandy Lee, M.D. In this book, about 27 mental health professionals discuss in detail how Donald Trump’s psychological, personality, and character problems and disorders have a powerful – and dangerous – influence on his political beliefs and policy actions.

So, I would say that a person’s character, personality, and psychology “have quite a lot to do with” a person’s political beliefs and actions.


I have a different idea about what character consists of, but despair of explaining it in such a constricted space. Ron Kurtz, founder of Hakomi psychotherapy, wrote a great little book that talks about it: Body-Centered Psychotherapy, and a guy named Stephen M. Johnson has written a number of books.

and here’s some OK–not great–stuff about them: http://khironhouse.com/blog/character-strategies-dr-janina-fishers-insights/

Another saying I like: “Character is destiny”. Heraclitus

One more point: since a person’s character and psychology highly influence their political beliefs and actions, We the People can pressure our so-called representatives to establish mandatory testing for harmful psychological problems and personality disordersto prevent harmful people from gaining power and then hurting countless innocent people, in the U.S. and worldwide! Or to prevent even a single person from being traumatized by an abusive boss.

Anyone who has kept informed about powerful people in government, the military, big business, education, etc., knows that ambitious, driven people often get into powerful positions by misrepresenting how they really are to other people. But, if all U.S. institutions and organizations required psychological and moral “fitness” tests (conducted by independent and certified mental health professionals) – our society could screen out and prevent abusers of power and abusers of other people from gaining power in the first place!

You’re right that “character” (and good vs. bad character) is a huge subject and difficult to summarize in a brief comment.

Philosophers, poets, novelists, and playwrights – and then psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychologists, social workers, and others – have studied “character” for thousands of years – and have written thousands of books, articles, and other writings on this important topic.

Since you guys have quoted one-liners, I like Wordsworth’s famous line that “the Child is Father to the Man”!


I certainly understand and appreciate the impulse, but I’m afraid of 2 things in that regard:

First, our entire society is insane, so those who rule it are with few exceptions extreme cases of insanity. Call it Wetiko disease, Emotional Plague (Wilhelm Reich) an addiction or result of trauma, civilizational autism, or ??

If the Republicans get hold of the testing–and they’d make absolutely certain they did–it would be one more weapon they’d use to gain control over society.

I completely disagree with this assessment and am incensed that the author has referenced both Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy as examples, citing their stories as if accurate. Most of what was alleged by Bill Clinton’s accusers was bunk. And Monica Lewinski had designs on Bill. Ted Kennedy was set up, perhaps by the CIA under the guidance of George H W Bush. They had already killed his 2 brothers, so they chose to smear his name instead. As for Kavanaugh, he’s already shown himself to be a consummate liar, infit for the SCOTUS and unfit for the position he now holds. Although he’s a perfect match for the *president.

If Kavanaugh did perjure himself during the Judiciary Committee hearings, then he could be impeached as he is currently a sitting Circuit Court judge. I heard Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) state recently that he wants the House Judiciary Committee to investigate and, if warranted, call for impeachment.

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HI JAZonian: Thank you and I read the piece you suggested. A lot of it sounds like what actors and dancers learn in terms of transmitting information-- Although I would say " Body language," and a lot can be learned from people by how they move or sit or speak. Sometimes just the body language alone is enough. My favorite example is Colin Powell telling the world about WMD. So find that video when he spoke before the UN and turn down the sound----and wow, HE"S LYING for sure—at least that’s what his body is saying. I love the Heraclitus quote. Thank you again. : )

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