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Judge Orders US Government to Stop Suppressing Evidence of Military Torture and Abuse


Judge Orders US Government to Stop Suppressing Evidence of Military Torture and Abuse

Sarah Lazare

A federal judge on Friday ordered the U.S. government to release more than 2,000 photographs showing abuse and torture of people detained by the American military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The decision is the latest development in a more than 10-year-long legal battle, in which the American Civil Liberties Unions has argued the public has the right to know what the U.S. military has done.


I do not usually come in on articles like this… why?.. well, I am very involved and pretty well read on climate change/environmental issues…I kind of skip over these… cause… I guess I have a tendency to think the same thing that one of my friends recently said to me about some instances of climate change…
“I don’t see how it really affects me… so, I’ll worry when it does” … of course I was inwardly going crazy… … well, of course I know I"m wrong. This does affect me… although I do check in a little… I should be paying much more attention … …This, really got mine.


This from a country that sought to have me volunteer to “defend” it…


This is not just a matter of a “right to know”.
It is the responsibility of government conduct TO FUNCTION according to the


The government isn’t hiding anything from the people we torture and wage war on. They already know about these crimes. The only people being kept in the dark are the American people.


It is not DISCLOSURE that “endangers Americans,” it is THE ACTS THEMSELVES that do so.


Very clearly said!

Psychopaths in power invariably believe they’ve the right to behave however they like, suppress information about the effects, and lie about doing it. “The King can do no wrong”.


It can be argued that the lack of disclosure as well as the acts themselves endanger us, because without disclosure we can’t know what we might walk into all unwitting.


I wish this would be just the beginning. Just like at Nuremburg, the photos, films, and testimony all needs to be exposed, and for the same reasons.


" The public has the right to know what the American military has done."

Commendable quote, but I say it will make no difference. And here is why:
Until the Amerikan, mendacious, MSM is changed, that has been brainwashing the publics right to know the truth about 9/11, nothing will change. Once these extraordinary, evil people that have still not been brought to justice for the murders of 9/11, are exposed, indicted and incarcerated…then this torture will end.

I do not purport to know what happened on 9/11, but we can be immutably and absolutely sure the biggest lie is the bogus conspiracy theory that has been told to us by our government and their whores and presstitutes in the ministry of truth, which makes them culpable as accessories after the fact to the murders of around 3,000 of our fellow, American citizens!


Bushco did generations of damage if we last that long. Torture was only part of it. Millions of Iraqis remain in all Middle East countries as refugees… At least 100,000 of them died. The Patriot Act and Bush’s appointed Chief Justice Roberts have wrecked havoc on the US. So far the FISA court has not used Bush’s “Patriot Act” to rendition his enemies to torture sites as far as we know. Would not be reported in the right-wing corporate press. After going around the world from Vietnam to South America and the Middle East, the US is enemy number one in much of the world.


Military service begins with brutality. Power over the powerless is the lesson. There are as many bullies in a military unit as there are in any schoolyard. These social deviants rule over the less violent with intimidation or brutality. The more brutish one’s disposition the more power and in the end that is the point of the cruelty. It is a twisted, American sickness to humiliate and disgrace. What other reason for having to take off your shoes to board a plane?

Police in particular are psychologically inclined and trained to humiliate people by first forcing them to the ground before violating their Constitutional rights - no matter the circumstances. It’s the same brutish conduct summoned by the torturer to belittle and humiliate their subject. It’s a mentality that justifies referring to perceived enemies as gooks, rag heads or niggers, etc. all integrated in the conduct of police and this disparagement fuels hate.

As a species, we’ve evolved to a level of civility that threatens our survival.


Yes, the government even has power over people’s eyes…


Gosh that one rhetorical comment dismisses all of the unanswered questions regarding 9/11.

Truthers stand down, Yunzer just entered the room with the evidence proving his favored conspiracy theory…an amazing story about people with box cutters learning to fly small aircraft in order to fly passenger aircraft with incredible skill, et al.

An action movie thriller story laced with magic! And a story who’s authors dismiss their own plot, after publication and distribution.

Who needs eyes with fantasy like that?


Thanks to the ACLU! I will now renew my monthly contributions to this deserving organization. This effort is long from over; and it will not be over until ALL Iin the responsible chain of command are Iindicted


are indicted and prosecuted for these horrible crimes. Until that occurs the United States of America will never be able to begin to hold its head high.


Obama is an accomplice to the Bush torture programs. He covered up the crimes by not releasing the torture photos, and refusing to investigate the rimes that he knew were committed. He always speaks in double talk. He said we are going to look ahead. What he really was saying is we are going to look the other way.

We protested and demanded for the release of the torture photos years ago in front of Fox News, and at Grand Central Station… Check it out if you are interested. https://youtu.be/bm7bJwLI250


It is not the disclosure of these pictures that will put American lives in danger it is the actions of the military officers depicted in the pictures that will do so. Quit blaming the messenger for the message!


And the release of the photos would hopefully one day lead to the incarceration of both GW Bush and Barack Obama, in Guantanamo Bay! Poetic justice by any measure!


Just as he was an accomplice in covering up Wall St.'s financial crimes! The republicans never needed their fantasy crimes to impeach Slick Oily, he is guilty of many genuine crimes against the amerikan people, they probably could have stopped counting the crimes when they got to ten! ( One is more than enough for a president of the United States )