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Judge Puts Overtime Pay for Millions in Limbo as Republicans Rejoice


Judge Puts Overtime Pay for Millions in Limbo as Republicans Rejoice

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A federal judge on Tuesday halted an Obama administration rule that would have expanded overtime pay for millions of workers, a decision that was slammed by employees' rights advocates.


Paul Ryan says that getting paid for working long hours is actually a bad thing for workers.

What a surprise.


So ... employees can work longer to make more profits for the capitalists. While the employee, the one who actually provides the labor (physical and/or metal) to generate the additional profits, doesn't get any additional compensation for producing the additional profits.

Capitalism is theft. And yes, it's vile to it's core.


This article need a correction - the $23,660 per year limit refers to FLSA exempt workers. Under the FDR-era FLSA, salaried workers are exempt from FLSA pay provision because these were supposed to be "professionals" who are paid so well that they don't need such protections.

But there are a hell of a lot of "professionals" who really do make only between 23K and 47K per year and work 60-70 hours a week without a single penny for the extra hours. I was one such "professional" (professional license and all) in this category through most of my life.


Hey, there were folks on here who thought Trump would be better than Killary. We now we have an administration who'll not only not defend the overtime rule in court, but will appoint people to the NLRB who will work against it! Yay!

That Obama. Horrible guy.


In Canada? We may be neighbors depending on the future. Trump, who is in a battle with unions in Vegas, ain't going to support overtime. Hell, he ain't going to support any legal regimes that make him pay contractors. He's a grifter out for himself.


Those Trumprogressives still post here. A little less tendentiously, mostly just to say it's all Hillarys fault for being, well, Hillary.


This is your second response to my post and I've still no idea what you're on about. Seems like you're trolling. If you've got something to say, feel free to say it clearly.


"The employees who will be hurt the most and the economies that will suffer the most are in the American heartland, where wages are already low,": Well that didn't take long. Socialism or barbarism!


Socially responsible capitalism is impossible ... unless you consider theft being socially responsible.

The capitalists will always steal the surplus value (the profit generated from labor) from the workers under capitalism. Let me steal something as insignificant as a case of copy paper from the capitalist pig and let's see if it's not considered theft and punishable accordingly.

Theft is theft. However, the capitalists, as the enforcement arm of the ruling elites, have the laws written and legislated to protect their theft.

A country cannot adequately tax the profits of an enterprise to compensate for the surplus value stolen from the workers ... those who actually generated the profits from their physical and/or mental labor.

By the way, I am hardly closeted. If you'll click on my avatar in the upper left hand corner of my posts, you'll readily learn that I am a libertarian socialist / anarcho-communist as documented by my websites.


The short sighted Repubikans who are cheering for this have forgotten when They were the Low Paid employees whose motto was:
"If they pay me $1 per hour, I will give them $1 worth of work per hour."


There are also Republican governors that are using the Obama Admin's expansion to their advantage by refusing to pay overtime to certain government (regulatory) employees that fall within the new pay ranges and not allowing work beyond 40 hours per week even if overtime isn't claimed. Working beyond 40 hours per week is a punishable offense including termination of employment. By limiting time for those workers to 40 hours/week or less, many of these regulatory jobs will not be/cannot be appropriately or thoroughly accomplished.


What in the world have I ever posted that would lead you to believe I am a racist? Please provide proof for your accusation.

Racism is against everything I believe in.


I think it's probably safe to just ignore Don. He seemed to suggest that I was a Trump supporter. I'm the guy who was signing off some posts with NEVER TRUMP 2016. When he first started posting, he was pushing this notion of responsible capitalism. Now he just seems to be trolling. I asked him to explain his rather cryptic posts to me, he declined, blaming me for not understanding his messy prose, which I believe was deliberately messy because I know he can be clear when he wants.


Wow! Show dedication by working extra hours off the clock and get fired!