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Judge Releases German Rescue Ship Captain, Saying Carola Rackete Was Fulfilling "Her Duty to Protect Life"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/03/judge-releases-german-rescue-ship-captain-saying-carola-rackete-was-fulfilling-her




Now Scott Warren should be released in the US and end ALL political criminal charges for helping Latino refugees with water in the desert so they don’t die!

We are ruled by despicable pigs!

What a country, huh? Liberty and justice for all - prosecute people for trying to save life by giving at-risk families water, and at the same time rule “reasonable” the police execution of Willie McCoy, shooting him to pieces with 55 shots in 3.5 seconds!


It is ridiculous that we have to go to court to settle common sense issues that should be automatic. The legacy of the trump era. Republicans will never again have standing with tort reform.

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Rarity these days for justice to prevail, in particular rulings recognizing people with no money or power.


The Italian police need to be prosecuted for obstructing maritime law.

And the US Customs and Border Patrol leadership needs to be prosecuted for kidnapping and child abuse and endangerment. Trump, Miller and Barr need to be indicted for conspiracy to commit kidnapping.


The Maritime Law was clearly on Carola Rackete’s side. Matteo Salvini is a right-wing demagogue, a fascist in other words.


Italy, along with other NATO member nations such as Canada, The United States of America, France and The United Kingdom , all claimed the need to destroy the Government of Libya under Qaddafi for “Humanitarian” under the “right to protect” clause. Prior to this there was no crisis of refugees from Libya. Prior to this Libya was the richest Country in Africa and in fact hosted more refugees from areas in crisis such as Chad and Mali than any Country on this Earth.

Now Italy claims migrants at sea should be left to drown.

The way these Countries turn “Humanitarianism” off and on like a light switch whenever it convenient to pursue a political goal demonstrates the utter venality and hypocrisy of these Countries.

Italy owes the people of Libya’s billions in compensation for their participation in the destruction of that Country.


Barr? Barr who. You mean the AG that thumbed his nose at a subpoena? Why isn’t he in jail while deciding whether to testify? All of them actually.


Hi Emphyrio:
YES, YES YES! Free Scott Warren—HUMANIST and Julian Assange too another TRUTH WORKER! !!!


God bless the judge.

I have no doubt that many Romans, from ancient times to the present, are proud of and grateful to her.

May the U.S. District Court in Texas live up to her example.