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Judge Removes 'Legal Persons' Status in Chimpanzee Case


Judge Removes 'Legal Persons' Status in Chimpanzee Case

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The New York judge who on Tuesday granted a writ of habeas corpus to two chimpanzees being held at Stony Brook University has issued a revised order (pdf) clarifying that she did not meant to give legal personhood to the primates.


It may not be appropriate to grant another species “human rights,” but certainly a species like a chimp with the capacity for cognition, complex communication, and emotions deserve some sort of consideration and legal protection.

People who show no sympathy for chimpanzees, or can’t even distinguish between a great ape and a chicken in their specious arguments, are the kind of dead-inside creeps who learn how to be human from watching TV-- this is how to show “romance,” this is how to be “daddy”-- because they have no capacity for actual feelings, except regarding sports or finances. They’re just playing a part.

Many of them lead their entire lives not even acknowledging the waste and abuse in the animal industry that has nothing to do with medical progress, and only with maximizing profits in secrecy from any public scrutiny. They emerge from their spiderholes only to snipe at anyone who would challenge their soulless worldview.

In a society that views most of the world’s human population as collateral damage or resources to be exploited, it should be no surprise that these prostitutes and goons have no concern with other species.