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Judge Rules Against Wisconsin Republicans by Blocking Lame-Duck Power Grab

Judge Rules Against Wisconsin Republicans by Blocking Lame-Duck Power Grab

Jon Queally, staff writer

Democrats and progressives in the Wisconsin are celebrating a ruling by a state judge on Thursday that imposed a temporary stay and injunction on a slate of laws passed by the lame-duck Republican-controlled Legislature after the GOP lost their majorities and the governor's mansion in the 2018 election.

Thank god this judge had the courage to do the right thing.Republicans never give up trying to have everything their way . The real republican party died a long time ago and this newer one is too corrupt to believe.


Good for WI Judge Niess.

The Repugnants will now seek to push this blatant power-grab into the federal courts, and onward to the pro-corporatist-thug Supreme Court.


Brought to you buy by the corrupt and complicit DNC.


What was?

Yes, because Republican legislators that run the Wisconsin legislature care what the DNC thinks.

Back in reality, there is an election in April. Progressives in Wisconsin can make a difference by voting for Judge Lisa Neubauer.

Triggered? The DNC is the (collaborating) opposition party. Their willful failures and abandonment of real-former democratic principles is why the GOP is dominant. And it will continue. Which is fine for money grubbing but then who cares about the people? As long as we can rise by one rung in the zombie party who cares indeed?


I don’t know which is more corrupt, Republicans or conservative Democrats. I have to say the former if only because they work harder at being repulsive.

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Reality: there is an election in April for Wisconsin voters. The case referred to in the article may be going to the state Supreme Court. Those of us in reality understand a new non-right wing Walker justice may make a difference. Bury ourselves in DNC blabber, or do something useful?

Republicans are beneath contempt from the President on down! As far as the people who vote for them, they are just stupid as a hedge fence.

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Repukes - " Omg , we cannot have sensible people doing sensible things " .

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Wouldn’t it have been simpler for them to pass a law requiring that the governor be a republican?


Fascism has no conscience

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It’s called “judge shopping” and by the time it reaches the US Supreme Court the appellants will have found their type of judge.

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You are wrong friend. At least about Wisconsin democrats. Their plight is of gerrymandering.
Furthermore, when Scott Walker was pulling another one of his power moves Wis. dems left the state and camped out in Texas to prevent a crappy outcome. It didn’t work out of course.

And you can imagine what it has been like with eight years of a republican governor, rep. senate, and rep. assembly.

If the states can abuse the power of the census on both sides of the aisle, maybe a change in the states power with the census should be challenged.

I lived in WI for 25 years so I do know a little bit about it. We marched in Madison in 2011 against Walker’s “Budget Repair Bill.” I stand by my statement that the corporatist rot in the Democratic Party is a national disease that has crippled the state parties across the country. States like Wisconsin have suffered grievously as a result.

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I get tired of people throwing all of the hammers in one barrel. I know a very few of these democratic state representatives and they are not what you claim.
Not that it means much, but I’ve lived here for 69 years and I still only know a little bit about it. peace

No disrespect, but you ignored my point. I know there are some good people who call themselves Democrats. That’s simply not enough, hence the absurd weakness of the Democratic Party. The Party is schizophrenic and at war with itself because you can’t serve two masters. Or, should I say, you can’t support both the master and the slave without being hypocritical. That is the underlying problem.