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Judge Rules California Requirement of Cancer Warning Label for Glyphosate Violates Corporate 'Free Speech'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/23/judge-rules-california-requirement-cancer-warning-label-glyphosate-violates

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Judge Shubb is one of many examples of what stacking courts with fascist judges looks like.

Shubb is applying the strategy that worked so well for Saint Ron during the 80s, starting with the acid rain issue…serially delaying action by insisting that more research and studies are needed despite the respective issue already having been researched and studied to death.


Well cancer, has been designated an occupational hazard of farming evidently these folks are not on the same page.

I would believe that the label applies to a limited range of uses. I’ve never used the stuff and never will. The problem is that exposure is not always a choice.

This is what primitive races do …just following the script.

Primitive systems create suicidal practices.
Why would you want to put chemicals into the ground and in the plants in the first place .

We are so Infintile ,toddlers in reality .
Awaken we must before it’s too late.
Only natural Life has rights ,corporations who despoil the land in order to make a profit have Zero rights and must be closed down immediately.
We need new systems with evolved understanding of who we are and what we are doing here on this planet .

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Why anyone would buy that poison escapes me.


What a fucking joke. Warning labels on anything constitute a violation of Free speech according to this dweeb.

No such “right to free speech” for Corporations exist here in Canada or in the EU. These manufacturers will have to put those labels on all products that are exported.

So Canadians, and Australians and Europeans and “plug in Country here” will have a label indicating that Glyphosate exposure can lead to higher rates of cancer but because Citizens of the United States of America have “rights to free speech” Americans will not see this warning on that same product?

This judge is a clown. He has diminished the concept of “the right to free speech” to something that is absolutely meaningless. Using his reasoning if the Corporations put “this stuff safe to drink and bathe your kids in” on that label , then that “free speech” as well.


Someone please tell Trump that drinking Glyphosate is a cure and preventative for all disease.


How is a right to “corporate free speech” different from the “right” of ignoramuses to refuse to wear a face mask in public and in close contact with strangers?

Again, that issue was settled about a century ago. Every right comes a corresponding responsibility.

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The people who buy into the whole “Better Homes and Gardens” mentality. You probably have a neighbor or two or three who must have a perfect yard. So they seed, and water, and spread poison, and plant non-native species that require frequent watering. They put out poison for wildlife such as squirrels and foxes. The inside is equally perfect, with the latest appliances and new tech toys. Always shopping. And they raise an unholy fuss if you have native species, refuse to plant grass, let birds and wildlife do their thing. Yeah, I’ve had a couple blight complaints from the anal retentives, rented a lawnmower(when I really wanted a herd of goats), and otherwise had to inhale the fumes of their poisons. Amerikkkans-say they’re hyper individualists but are actually hyper conformist.


Boy does that perfectly state the American culture of mass hypnosis.


The only peoples a society tends to suggest are not responsible for their actions are Children and the Mentally ill.

The observation has been made many times from outsiders looking in that many Americans appear to be permanently infantilized. Trump is an example of that. Those Clowns not wearing masks and spitting on others is another example. They also seem to have a very large population of the mentally ill. Again Trump another example of that.


Exposure to RoundUp is not only a choice, it’s an essential part of the Industrial Agri-Business Model. A bad model produces bad data, btw.
If you grew up with the generic " weedkiller " mindset; the farmers who tried to use " best practices ", and witnessed the premature cancer deaths from same, you’d shudder. Handling and mixing these products, when gloves and masks were considered a sign of personal weakness, caused numerous severe illnesses and unnecessary calamity. It’ll get worse if not stopped, too.
Anecdotal accounts, in close knit farm communities, can be ignored but some of the elders knew things were going " haywire " with all these chemicals. FYI- They lost the argument.
It’s a long sad " weedkiller " story, filled with lots of counter-narratives and subplots, but the bottom line is " always be following the money ".
Farming and invasive weed control didn’t have to go down this chemical trail, this chemical dead end, either. But, here we are with a liquid Frankenstein, again. A derivative of an older one.
" Better living through chemicals " and " Progress is our most important product ", in this truly American instance, is an ongoing disaster, imo.

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When I visit the town where I was born to see relatives I will visit the old home place where I grew up. What was once our “lawn” as long since gone wild. I find it exponentially more beautiful then those green “managed” lawns people are so found of. It an example of LIFE in all of its abundance rather then those seemingly preferred chemical laden and all but lifeless “lawns”

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That is it pretty much in a nut shell. But, if you live in an agriculture area you have the probability of getting dosed whether you agree with it or not. Stupid ass crop dusters. Don’t get me started.


Up In Northern Alberta, downstream from all of those tarsands plants built to rip away the Forest to get at the tarsands underneath there a number of First Nations Communities.

From the very beginning they were claiming that those plants were polluting the water supply and that this was leading to diseases and illness in humans and in the plants and animals. They were not scientists but made these observations long before science came around years later and noted there something wrong. Even today those “scientists” working for the Corporations and the Governments promoting these plants try to minimize the environmental impact.

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Around a 15 mile radius in " the real land of milk and honey " the widows knew, for sure. The farm wives, who worked alongside their husbands, had high rates of cancers, reproductive issues, etc.
It was just about as much as you can take, and then some. Damn the luck of the draw.


The Corporate mentality finds cancer good for business.

Seems a certain segment of the population has a certain brain disorder that prevents them from associating “weed killers” with products extremely harmful to humans.


This is flat-out species suicide.

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California should go ahead and take the judge’s suggestion to inform California consumers themselves. I suggest text similar to the following:

“The State of California has found glyphosate to be a dangerous carcinogen that is marketed by the Bayer Corporation in its Roundup pesticide products. Since the company has refused to voluntarily inform California consumers of the dangers of its products, we must fund this advertising campaign with tax dollars that could otherwise be spent on health, education, and medical care.”


Perhaps even more than you realize. GDP, which has become THE primary measure of “economic well-being” (income in the form of money only) throughout the industrialized world, measures total expenditures on everything from war to weed killer, and NOTHING else, so not the value of the time and talent you contributed to Habitat for Humanity to build a house that some family could not otherwise have afforded.

The man who created that measure during the Great Depression warned against its misuse when it was initiated and again toward the end of his life. Even a good many economists today acknowledge its vast faults and shortcomings, yet not one introductory textbook–the only “education” in economics most people ever get, if that–comes out and says “This is a crock,” and at least one praises it as if it were the word of God Almighty.

As for “weed killers,” POISON KILLS! I used to have a button to that effect, and it was the reason lumped all such chemicals together as “biocides” (killers of living organisms).