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Judge Rules Ex-CIA Officials Can Be Questioned in Torture Case


Judge Rules Ex-CIA Officials Can Be Questioned in Torture Case

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A federal judge has ordered that former CIA officials can be deposed in a lawsuit against the architects of the agency's torture program, in what human rights advocates say is a vital step for accountability.


This was an argument against CIA officials being deposed? No wonder the judge answered him, 'It's about time, then.' Wise Judge Quackenbush.


A Carter appointee. Amazing he's still around. All the former CIA people are contemptible. Rodriquez I believe is the guy who destroyed torture tapes before he got out. The two psychologists got rich as contractors assisting the torture program. I don't know if the depositions will ever see the light of day, even if they are not blocked by an appeal.


The CIA should be taken apart "brick by brick." That's what JFK said 12 months before he was murdered. Curious.


Indeed. I believe he's an occasional hired yapper on Fox now.


"Bush's still-secret order authorizing the CIA to establish secret detention facilities overseas..." How is it possible that any of Bush's illegal orders are still secret?


So when will Cheney, Rice, et al be called to justice? In our lifetimes, one hopes....


A few rough & tough macho individuals may well feel that the development of the torture regime is one of the "tough choices" required to obtain the information necessary for America's defense. Anything, they likely feel, that gets information to protect American lives & interests are worth it.

Problem IS, however, that
• (1) that kind of coercion does not necessarily provide true information
• (2) the REASONS that type of force is deemed "necessary" does not always have ANYTHING to do with protecting lives & interests of the vast majority of American People.

An extension of human-less "free market thinking" that says apply whatever is needed to obtain desired results, depends WHOLLY on WHO "desires" the results, and WHO determines the PRICE of getting them.

Those "at the top" who get to decide such things do not necessarily concern themselves with their actions, the outcomes, the collateral damage, the costs ... if it is what they WANT, and it conforms to THEIR vision of "American Interests."

Often such interests concern, or are even VISIBLE to, only a small portion of our population. Even so, the outcomes and costs of such projects, like hidden torture practices, have often been justified by the support received by elected representatives ... but not always so. That support is displayed as a "democratic" justification for such actions, overt or not.

The "macho" thing is to "just DO it" now and and answer questions later, if required. Get it done. That is one of the reasons that our electoral practices have been so stripped from open and democratic practices as of late and so very dependent on monied sources. Elections must not disturb or question the balance of this way of thinking and acting. So much for "defending democracy." In reality, it is often just the opposite: a functioning democracy is seen as a threat by the currently powerful. Well-financed imitations are required by the status quo.


On the rare and odd occasion, I truly think that the USA sometimes has something to offer the world. This is one of them.


The JFK quote I know of: "I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds". Quelle surprise when the deposed CIA Director Allen Dulles was appointed by LBJ to micro-manage the Warren Commission, and this obscure the fact of Oswald as a CIA asset. Oswald had worked as a radar operator at Atsugi (Jap base of U2 spy plane). His later "defection" to Russia, loudly proclaiming he had secrets was smokescreen to help explain how Gary Powers U2 crashed (which flights had been forbidden by Eisenhower) with the intention of both Dulles Brothers to wreck US/USSR detente at the Paris Peace Talks in June 1960. When Ike threatened to tell Khrushchev that the flight had been unauthorized, JF Dulles warned him that this would show that Ike was not truly in charge. K was no fool and already knew that the Dulles Brothers were the spawn of Satan and POTUS an impotent puppet.
Its all there in Jim Douglass "JFK & The Unspeakable"


Tell us now, (don't be cowards!) what are the addresses of the head of the National Clandestine Service, Mitchell and Jesson?? Let's be nice now, just a little peaceful protest for these brilliant individuals......