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Judge Rules Mall of America Can't Silence Black Lives Matter Protesters



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Let them protest as long as they do not block access to the shops to people that want to shop in them. This is the U.S., we protest when upset. Can't leave it to the government..


To hell with all the malls of America, and people we need to STOP SHOPPING.


More deeply, to hell with the entire concept of privatized public space. The word "mall" once referred to a physical arrangement of space, not to an ownership structure, or to a sales / consumer paradigm. Even as "the law" asserts privatized ownership of the commons, the "owners" ultimately require our compliance in order to function.

We need to exercise those forms of power that we still have, and support others who do so. This includes exercising our power to represent ourselves freely in public ("right to free speech"). Huge props to MN Black Lives Matter organizers for standing up, and fighting back, and for winning this skirmish.

Another form of exercising power is to NOT BUY what they are selling us. Refuse the item we are not buying; refuse the social / economic structure in which the transaction takes place. Just stay out of the malls (except to reclaim them as a commons, or to exercise other forms of power...).

What do we feed with the items in our hands? What energy and materials, what processes and relationships, went into production and transport of this or that "consumer item"? At this moment of multi-tiered crisis, we need a solidarity economy in which production and consumption are for necessity; work is for the common good; and work earns a fair share of production / consumption. If there's "Christmas shopping" you haven't done yet: Just don't do it!



Mall security guards in Canada. Are they under dressed? Do you feel safer shopping in Malls with the types of guards pictured above? I feel pretty comfortable asking mall security for directions and the like when I am in one of these places but would feel intimidated asking one of those guys in Mall of America. I suppose in time people get used to such and never notice which is troubling.

My sister in law and brother live down in Mexico. It was interesting when she came to visit us once when she said "don't you have any police or soldiers" ? I was a bit taken aback but indicated yes we did but apparently she did not notice any and indicated they all over the place in Mexico so it struck her as odd.


Ok makes more sense. But do your mall cops carry guns?


As an participant and sometimes organizer of many protest actions, I have found that urban areas such as the sterile central business district of Minneapolis, provide very little visibility to the public one is trying to reach. The worst examples were all the protests that ANSWER would organize in DC - with massive marches from the White house to the empty K-Street business district on weekends.

Suburban malls, as ugly as they are, are unfortunately the closest thing to the Agora in modern-day USA - so we are long overdue to start having our protest actions there. I applaud BLM for realizing this. It's what democracy looks like!

But unfortunately, too many people would not know what what democracy looks like even if hit them upside the head.


Or at least find a traditional urban space with sidewalk-level family-owned stores to do one's shopping.


The battle against violent extremist police will be a long battle. Police unions the FOP and even the main stream media will do anything and say anything to continue to kill unarmed and mentally ill americans. We will continue to expose and challenge the white-supremacy police officers and the entire justice system, that gets pleasure in there crulity.


We don't have to worry about terrorism, the greatest threat to americans are law enforcement officers.


Before the corporate takeover of the courts, the law in many states regarded malls as quasi-public, in that they had replaced "downtown" where the streets are public. Actions that were Constitutionally protected on public streets were protected on mall property too.

The owner class tried to argue that people could still hold actions downtown, but the courts laughed at that. Of course, that was before the "free speech" pens miles away from the intended targets.



Don't forget the FBI. they infiltrated OWS and they are infiltrating BLM. Movements and protests which are a threat to the establishment get shut down. Others who carry a few signs and peacefully march up and down the street on a weekend are allowed to show how wonderfully Democracy works.


After looking at that picture, not a whole lot will be shopping at that mall. May that be the image of Christmas future?


"Christmas shopping will be enforced by law. Non-compliant shoppers will be asked to speak to a shopping enforcement officer."