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Judge Rules Obama Can Keep CIA Torture Report in the Shadows


Judge Rules Obama Can Keep CIA Torture Report in the Shadows

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In a decision derided by the ACLU as "disappointing," a federal judge on Wednesday ruled that the administration of President Barack Obama cannot be compelled by the court to hand over the full Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture.

With a lawsuit citing the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the ACLU had sought to force the release of the full report, which totals nearly 7,000 pages.


Oligarchy politicians make the laws and appoint judges to interpret and enforce them. A fine state of affairs.


If there were nothing to hide, then the torture report would not need to be kept in the shadows. So much for Obama's repeated campaign promise of TRANSPARENCY during his presidency. He has been a major disappointment although even with his shortcomings while in office, Obama is far from being in the abysmal, rock-bottom category where GWB and Cheney (and their henchmen/operatives) reside.

Since its inception, the CIA (formerly Office of Strategic Services) has acted with impunity while consistently employing all manner of horrific, inhumane tactics to extort "information" Their tactics/behavior have always been cloaked in secrecy with subterfuge their modus operandi. NOT ONE PRESIDENT has been able to rein in this agency. They simply collude with this Criminally Insane Agency.


Why address this post to natureboy? Why not go after the lugs committed to excessive and destructive secrecy?


The problem with the federal judiciary has been the same since Day One: Federal judges are political appointments and as such act accordingly. In the other branches of government, people are elected so we at least have a chance of getting rid of them at the ballot box. It is a serious flaw in our Constitution that we are stuck with appointed judges for their lifetimes, especially those on the Supreme Court, where five unelected partisans make law for the rest of us. It should come as no surprise that this judge appointed by the O-man himself chose to protect his benefactor.

The full report must be very very bad. It would be of immense importance to connect torture to the GOP and Jeb Bush's brother in the middle of a presidential election cycle--a very nice reminder indeed of the hell delivered by Geroge Jr's presidency. One has to ask why Obama would keep the details secret when unleashing them could do so much damage to the Democrats' opponents, that is unless some of this stuff is still ongoing. And as far as the reputation of this nation goes, that went down the chute the day the torture program was first revealed.