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Judge Rules Trump Rape Accuser E. Jean Carroll's Defamation Suit Against President Can Proceed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/judge-rules-trump-rape-accuser-e-jean-carrolls-defamation-suit-against-president-can

Trump’s going to be a busy “liar” after November 3rd.

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I hope while “digging” for evidence, they have on several layers of personal protective equipment.
The man child is a walking biohazard.
I further hope while collecting DNA that they accidentally"snip" it off.

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Immune from prosecution while in office?
Snatch him from the golf course, THIS weekend. His Nazi Gestapo did that to others in Portland.
(Since the man was a foul joke since first griming a camera lens, he must be treated as such until the day he dies in prison)
Rejecting and ignoring information from concerned professionals, from national security intelligence to lifelong communicable disease experts. Instead, firing anyone remotely associated with truth, cozying up to the very inimical people who ordered disinformation and foreign interference in elections - the man has been golfing Nine MONTHS of his term SO FAR,

after a lifetime of rape and money laundering and refusal to pay his contracted bills, and 20 THOUSAND lies - of which most have been directly impeachable offenses - inciting violence,
denying reality,
psychopathically ignoring and actively seeking to end or damage the lives of children to the very eldest,
attempting to poison the very air and water.

And,.so far, succeeding.

And what about the 14 year old Trump raped at Epstein’s estate? Will she ever receive justice, or will the fact she and her family received death threats and she was forced to flee the country be forgotten?

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Never forget. Always persist.