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Judge Sanctions Border Patrol Over Evidence Destruction in Abuse Case



It is good to see at least one group of arrogant officials who believe they are above the law called to account . It is in marked contrast to what the CIA and most police departments across the country have gotten away with .
For a closer look at the type of stuff the Border Patrol is likely covering up in this case , check out www.nomoremurders/nomasmuertes.org .


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"We hope that this lawsuit will be the first step to holding Border Patrol accountable for this cruelty and abuse."

Yeah, good luck with that. CBP has long been a rogue agency that does what it wants, when it wants, how it wants, to whom it wants. Abuse is coin of the realm there (like the TSA, only worse). These guys get away with murder, and this lawsuit and ruling aren't going to change that. We live in a police state; CBP is just one manifestation of that fact.