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Judge Slams Obama Administration for Playing 'Stall Ball' Over Force-Feeding Tapes


Judge Slams Obama Administration for Playing 'Stall Ball' Over Force-Feeding Tapes

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A federal judge on Thursday lambasted the Obama administration for intentionally stalling the release of damning footage that depicts the force-feeding of a cleared Guantanamo Bay detainee, Syrian Abu Wa’el Dhiab.



The US Government: They are here to help you! They are worried for your safety, you see, so they are going to shove an infected tube up your nose to liberate you from the stress of the freedom caused by the individual prisoner deciding when he will eat, for himself.

You cant’ be allowed the dignity of deciding for yourself what to put inside your body! No Sir! Instead, a team of highly compensated, taxpayer-pork subcontractors will do that for you! And I’ll bet you there’s a secret bonus! They will even insert a huge endoscope up your dick for free, to check to see if the liquid food they forced down your throat is coming out right! Just checking for obstructions, you see.

“Paging er Doctor Josef Mengele! Paging er Doctor Josef Mengele! You are wanted in GITMO room 101 for torture and injection of unknown substances against victims will…”

If we let this go on overseas, it won’t be long until domestic prison guards are doing that in the USA (if it isn’t already the case.) Indeed, maybe a great Wall Street growth industry could be hatched to force polycarbonate hoses up every citizen’s nose, ever single day!

Just think of the stock market rise and jobs created!


Looks like we still have an honest good judge in our country. I hope she doesn’t have a bad car accident or something.


No. No one can be held accountable, because the democrats and the republicans are in total agreement that their primary allegiance is to remain morally inert.


Obviously, this would not be an issue if Obama had not lied to us about closing Gitmo in 2008. He’ll go down in history as American’s slickest talking war president ever…


I’m not convinced it was a lie, but rather naivety oblige, common in the political climbing classes.


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