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Judge Strikes Down Trump DOJ's "Attempt to Obliterate Asylum Protections" for Victims of Domestic and Gang Violence


Judge Strikes Down Trump DOJ's "Attempt to Obliterate Asylum Protections" for Victims of Domestic and Gang Violence

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In what the ACLU called "another defeat for the Trump administration's all-out assault on the rights of asylum-seekers," a federal judge on Wednesday struck down much of a "horrific" U.S. Justice Department guidance issued by ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions in June which declared that migrants fleeing domestic abuse or gang violence would no longer automatically qualify for asylum.


The inhumanity of this hideous excuse for a human being is becoming more widely recognized for what it is…a malignant vision of life, by a person of low intellect, lower morality, racism, mental depravity, and a personal MO of lie after lie, fraud after fraud…he is a chip off the Fred Trump racist block.

Trump University a fraud
Trump Foundation a fraud
Tax frauds spanning decades
Charitable “giving” frauds
Military service evasion fraud
and the grand fraud of the entire trump presidency!

Frauds and lies at the center of the trump “organization”, AKA crime family, that have infected America and our politics and much of the world!! ENOUGH!

Indict and imprison this fraud and all his co-conspirators!




The best news from this article is that there is a call to congress to defund ICE/CBP. Maybe this number below is the place to call to demand defunding?

!:phone: CALL to #DefundHate: 210-702-3059 https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/422078-judge-strikes-down-bulk-of-trump-administration-policy-cutting-off


Our legal system has failed us, politicians have failed us. there is no accountability for the wealthy. Except for Martha for I believe inside trading and Bernie Madoff for fraud, little fraudsters but hurt other poeple.


The “Attempt to Obliterate Asylum Protections” for Victims of Domestic and Gang Violence" by trump & co is an abomination and itself a crime against humanity by its actions and implications!

Here is a part of the history of US support for Central American dictators, death squads, military rule, United Fruit dominance and land theft, and much more, that made …created…the violence and conditions people are now fleeing from; violence and murders created by US policy and actions in south and Central America for over a hundred years! The trump regime is only the latest threats and killings, murders the US has committed on our neighbors to the south - an atrocity WE the people allowed/tolerated - and our governments created over many decades!


Mr. Trumportation, how about you round up undesirables by the boat load and drop them off in the middle of the Mediterranean. That would be your speed.