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Judge to Preside Over Border Wall Case Two Years After Trump Attacked His Mexican Heritage

Judge to Preside Over Border Wall Case Two Years After Trump Attacked His Mexican Heritage

Julia Conley, staff writer

The fate of President Donald Trump's signature agenda item, a wall along the southern U.S. border, may be in the hands of a judge who was at the center of a controversy during Trump's 2016 campaign.

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel will preside over a case involving three lawsuits that challenge the Trump administration's construction of the wall.

Maybe this is naive but what earthly good is this wall going to do? It will only make it more difficult for Mexican workers, which are urgently needed at harvest time to assist America with crops, or construction work. Or to visit relatives or cause difficulty for a multitude of other reasons. It seems to me like a case of too little too late anyway. If it goes ahead, time will prove it was a bad idea for both nations so intertwined by now.


Give trump all the rope he wants - he seems to be blind to nooses.

The “wall” is the most hair brained, idiotic, environmentally destructive escapade to be even considered let alone built for political purposes. Really, what will it accomplish? The US is officially a police state. Look at history. The Berlin Wall, Hitler’s lines of defense in Germany; walls indicate a repressed state, a culture of violent control to keep in citizens and keep out foreigners. “Papers”? Yeah. Puleeze. Not to mention all the ecological damage to fragile habitats at various locales along the almost two thousand mile expanse of the southwest. Stop already, we don’t need a damn wall.


Here is a very good reason not to have the fence, a big beautiful cat that kinda likes it here and in Mexico. They are reason enough for me to block the wall.


“I made a decision to commit civil disobedience to defend my family tree and yours,
knowing that there is no government, no politician, no corporation on planet right now putting
forward a plan to defend life as we know it. My kids and yours won’t survive this mess
if we don’t clean up all this.” Michael Foster -(heroic)-


We, thinking humans, couldn’t ask for a better Judge for this.


Exactly, you can’t make this sh!t up.

This is beyond bull-shit-ability. How about one of those huge front loader trucks at the public dump unloading all of the Trump LIES back onto him. He deserves this RICHLY!!!

The city of Austin Tx has made a choice to divest in any company contracted to construct “The Wall” So nice to see some resistance.


I know a judge’s bias is only supposed to be for upholding the law, but I can’t imagine this judge possibly ruling for Trump’s wall. That would be quite a shocker.

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The issues are not ethnic at all. They are environmental, farms needing labor, and cross border traffic. There are Hispanics who support Trump.

As the son of dutch immigrant parents who was born with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder I was unable to attain a grade 10 education. So you might consider me as equivalent to being a Dutch immigrant. I found work at age 24 working in heavy construction in Canada as a carpenter’s apprentice. Not many Canadian parents wanted to see their children doing this kind of hard seasonal work. Yet it was the best option for me, I’m thankful to Canada for granting me the opportunity to become a certified general carpenter. I built several houses and completely renovated a dairy farm before retiring in 1996. I managed to help provide two of my three children with a university degree and they now work as registered nurses here in Canada. I have always paid my fair share in income taxes and even now in retirement I pay more in income tax than I receive in pensions. What I’m trying to say through all this is that an immigrant can become a real asset for their adoptive country.

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Past US president Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” If I was a useful young man or woman entering America I might notice a lot of work to be done but I’d start by asking questions. Is everyone in this land living in decent housing? Is all the infra structure such as sewers, bridges, roads in safe and working order? Are all the veterans cared for as they should be? Are there enough skilled trades people? If I kept getting answers to the affirmative I might reconsider the idea of immigrating, but that would surprise me.

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I’m just putting myself in the shoes of a young immigrant entering a land hopefully of opportunity. A land that could use another pair of willing hands.

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I would just like someone intelligent to explain to me how we are going to build a wall straight down the middle of the Rio Grand River?
If not down the river, where?
If we build it on the shoreline, what American farmer should give up his land to build this wall? And why should we give away our half of the river to Mexico? Who gets the farmland on the Mexican side of the wall and the river?
Seems to me we will trample the property rights of hundreds of American farmers, you know, those people who grow the food we eat.
Is there anyone here at CD intelligent enough to 'splain this to me?

Absolutely, I agree. Great story too. But in the US. we have a very broken immigration system that now creates more social inequality than it was initially designed to prompt.

A wall is not going to fix that, illegal immigration is already a human traffic business. Drug cartels use professionally constructed tunnels. Mexico and Latin America needs to address the inequality that sends thousands if not millions of migrants to the US. And the US needs to reassess what immigration actually does without contributing to that inequality.

Yes. Of course. But this judge was personally insulted very publicly by the President when he was a candidate.

Seems like that would open an opportunity for outside leaders to try to attack and remove any judge at any time.

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I’m not advocating the judge be removed, I’m just making a prediction. I agree that a recusal or removal of this judge would be wrong and would set a terrible precedent.