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Judge Voices 'Great Concern' Over North Dakota Voter ID Law, But Rejects Tribe's Lawsuit Anyway


What? This judge thinks Native Americans are stupid? “There will be confusion this close to the elections.” This judge should be impeached. Let’s start keeping a list.


Today, 48 states require photo IDs (state ID or driver’s license) to vote, and these laws came into effect before the 2016 election. This effectively blocked millions from being able to vote.This law has effected primarily the rural poor, elderly and disabled who lacked driver’s licenses. Obtaining a photo ID requires going to an office that might be 20-30 miles away, and many have no transportation to get there. The great majority of these are white.


Why? These photo ID requirements have been in place in 48 states since prior to the 2016 election, applying to ALL voters, and this didn’t raise tremendous concern. It overwhelmingly effects the poor, as they are the least likely to have photo IDs/drivers’ licenses These IDs had been made available free of charge (nation-wide) for a time, but the rural poor often have no access to the nearest DMV, etc., to .obtain the ID.


This is extra low even for Nazi wannabe Republicans.


I have heard for as long as I became eligible to vote…from Republicans: “IF YOU DON’T VOTE; DON’T COMPLAIN”!



Should read, “They’re not doing…”, not “their”, sorry.


Hope you came out better than I did from that motorcycle accident! I got clipped on my front wheel by this jerk trying to make the same exit I was but he just had to be in front of me rather than merely slipping in behind me after cutting across three lanes to make the exit. I crashed at 70 mph and he took off. I fortunately had Medicare but the trauma center alone was $129,000 of which 20% was out of pocket. Sorry to get off topic but everytime I read about someone else who has had to deal with a motorcycle accident I have to respond. Hope you came out ok my friend!

I am astonished at the voter suppression the GOP is getting away with. Now we have not only North Dakota and Kansas but also Georgia which has supposedly scratched some 170,000 voters from the rolls simply because there are some clerical errors such as missing punctuation, misspelled names or addresses etc. between the voter’s ID and the information on the voter rolls. These fucking repukes simply cannot win an election fair and square. They have to gerrymander the voting districts, suppress votes, rig machines, flip votes, and any other method they can think of to cheat. Dammit they remind me of the DNC. Representative democracy? It’s a great concept and I still believe it can exist but at least for now it certainly doesn’t in the “Land of the free and home of the brave.”


DH, I don’t understand what your point to me is. Aren’t we both bemoaning the oligarchic-Fascist takeover of the world? I didn’t comment to you about the voter I.d. stuff.


Yup. And worse, it’s all part of a deliberate and strategic plan. These people are making me hope there IS a Hell. I’d gladly go there if I knew I’d see all the miserable cons (politicians) and their hatchetmen there.


Why don’t the White Nationalist fight this? As American Indians are true born Americans. Doesn’t seem fair, yes?