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Judgment Day for the National Security State

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/26/judgment-day-national-security-state

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Earlier generations might have written all of these off as acts of God. Today, we know better. As with blaming Trump, blaming God won’t do. Human activities, ranging from the hubristic reengineering of rivers like the Mississippi to the effects of climate change stemming from the use of fossil fuels, have substantially exacerbated such “natural” catastrophes.

This paragraph, from someone credited with a sharp mind in the habit of independent thinking, is inexcusable (emphatically, the emphasized false equivalence – suggested in reverse).

Activities of mankind as a whole have exacerbated the risk of terrible pandemics for decades. This has absolutely nothing to do with the deliberate sabotage of public-health uniquely pursued by madmen in charge of USA for months (persisting today in inexplicable CDC testing guidelines). As Bacevich is smart enough to perceive and understand this, I can only assume his apology for Orangeman’s historic domestic war-crime – likely to kill more than all previous USA wars put together – was not issued accidentally here. Judgment Day for Andrew Bacevich: Orangeman Apologist. I’ll remember this outrage.

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Point–The Official Narrative
“Then, of course, came September 11, 2001. Orchestrated by Osama bin Laden and carried out by 19 suicidal al-Qaeda operatives, this act of mass murder inflicted incalculable harm on the United States.”



“That state within a state’s origins date from the early days of the Cold War. Its ostensible purpose has been to keep Americans safe and so, by extension, to guarantee our freedoms.”

Sorry Andrew, nothing could be further from the truth.
The security state, from its inception with the CIA, was put in place to protect Wall Street and American corporate interests around the world, and now on American soil.


Sorry Andrew, you have zero credibility when you repeat the lies of 911. 19 randoms did not take down the towers, see bldg 7. The evidence is overwhelming. This was a false flag to strip away our remaining freedoms. Just as Assange is being tortured to blind the masses to our war crimes.


He said “ostensible purpose”–he was being ironic, sardonic, whatever. One cannot argue with Andrew B’s sharp mind, or eloquent objections based on history and his experience in the military, to the twisted and greedy security state leaders. At least, I don’t. Sometimes he does get so mordantly pessimistic-- and projects, in these articles, a lack of any faith in the minds and activism of others, like Sen. Sanders, Jeffrey Sachs, Naomi Klein and Greta, or scientists who keep on screaming out their reports on our heating, flooding, choking planet. There are leaders who are not in power, yet are working to wake us up and counter the greed and blind self-satisfaction of the elites. Maybe not enough though. I sometimes read the comments on CD (where are the women?) from older white guys (I am assuming), who believe in the conspiring evil state above all else, and have, it seems, a certain satisfaction in that. Like a satisfying response is to shoot down all analysis that does not lead to inaction or belief in the central battle of ‘them versus us’, with us ill-fated to lose. I guess what I am saying is I want to hear more and different voices in these responses.
And yes, I do think Andrew B. needs to outline our national failures and sad state less, and join some actions to counter the terrible state he sees us in, to help open eyes and also offer arenas for passive voices to become active citizens. Maybe he is active in that way already, how can we know unless he tells us, and invites us to join him?


I stopped reading when he started with the Osama bin laden did 911. Talk about an ostrich with his head in the sand. We will never progress out of our problems without acknowledgeable the true culprits of 911. And the deep state goes way back before the cold war. At least WW1.
Bacevich is a disappointment. Will never read anything of his again


It should be obvious to everyone by now that the projection, by the U.S., of ‘hard power’ across the globe does not and has not made the American people safer, nor was that ever the intent.

The positioning of American armed occupation forces in the middle east was a deliberate provocation which directly led to the all-too-predictable ‘Islamic terrorist’ responses cited. These ‘terrorist’ responses, while inflicting significant casualties on ordinary working folk and service members, presented no threat personally to those who orchestrated the provocation. Indeed, the ‘terrorist’ response presented them the opportunity to personally profit to the tune of hundreds of billions - perhaps trillions - of dollars from guaranteed decades of price-gouging weapon sales. A national ‘Intelligence’ apparatus which not only denies participating in this charade, but denies the ability to understand it, has proven itself to be much worse than useless.

Compound this orchestrated failure of the foreign policy-intelligence-defense sector of our government across the health care, economic-financial and environmental sectors by the leaders of neoliberal capitalism and you have, in a nutshell, the strategy employed against 99.9% of the population. Forcing the public to bear all the risk and costs while privatizing the profits and benefits has been the game plan for decades. The world’s population will remain victim to this scheme only until they comprehend it.


Your last sentence struck a cord in me that I have been trying to deny.

There is a great divide in this country (and perhaps the world) regarding “understanding.”
My sister, whose husband is an executive for a major airline, epitomizes this baffling dilemma. I spoke to her recently about how trump has been negligent in his handling of the corona virus. I wanted to send her an article that I read on CD to prove my point. “No” she said. “I won’t read it. I don’t want any negative thinking right now. I think trump is doing a great job of handling this and the government will help people.” Her husband, still going to work every day as usual, tells her not to worry or read or listen to the news because it will be upsetting.

My point is, until everything crashes to the ground and there is no more wealth to be had, everyone will remain in this crazy state of dis-equilibrium and divided loyalty. There is no talking to people who have a defensive mind-set; no education is possible because they are closed. Their reality is so extremely different from those who are directly impacted by this calamity, that they will simply hunker down (after buying tons of stuff from Costco like my sister did, because they have surplus funds to tide them over) and wait this all out.


You sound like a voice of reason.

“Action” is a bit curtailed at the moment, but putting ones feet and body where ones mind and heart are, can have a great impact. We can only hope that such action leads to positive change.


Thanks for your response. Action is a bit curtailed, save for the efforts of the medical workers and EMS, others. I think lots of folks called or emailed D.C. to get the regular working people attended to in this crisis. (A first installment) And maybe due to the shame involved in being an outlier a this point in a pandemic, the conservatives in Congress agreed to the relief, at least this time. I know there were goodies in there for airlines, for corporations and all, but many in Congress insisted on relief for people who are not elites. So, good on them. Keep writing.


Indeed. All the waste of national resources on ‘projecting’ anything globally by the so-called National Security State is nothing more than a means to an end, which is profit. Obscene, unparalleled, criminal profit. The working class has been picking up that tab, and passing along the interest on the debt of it to future generations, for a long, long time.


Definition(s) of ostensible:

  1. Represented or appearing as such
  2. Put forth or held out as real, actual, or intended; apparent; professed

By the definition above, either one of us could be correct as applied to the article. As far as a “sharp mind”, when one has one, they don’t repeat provable government lies. Your point of us “older white guys” believing in the “conspiring evil state above all else”, I would say a lifetime of seeing, makes it easy to believe. As far as women posters, they are here, perhaps you don’t see them because their ideologies don’t line up with yours.
By all means encourage new people to discover CD, and add to the discussion. Most of us here welcome different points of view on the subject matter in the articles. Personally I learn something new almost everyday here at the CD comments section.


“You say you want a revolution. Well, you know we’d all love to change the world”. John Lennon

Who is pure enough for us? Who exactly shares our every opinion?

I appreciate Mr Bacevich because he offers a different perspective on US national defense since 1945. Gives me hope that someday maybe the useless wars will end, the DOD budget will be reduced, and the US will rely on diplomacy and statecraft more the military power and intimidation because other potential national leaders have an outlook similar to his.

He has given me different way of thinking about national security with his counterpoints to the way things have been.


The Security State is so odd to me. When I heard about Bluffdale, I thought it must be a joke. But—it appears it was real and somewhere in Utah there is a big building that houses all the phone calls in America. Say what—who would be able to even go through a part of this? . It truly sounded insane------but then 9.11 was insane . But then the Dancing Israelis–omg---- who were sent back to Israel, even after they were seen celebrating and dancing as they filmed the collapse of the World Trade Center Everything after that from the government seemed a lie. Then there was the attacking in Pakistan and saying Osama was dead and then dumping him in the ocean…wow, this was a bad movie--------then came, " Shock and Awe which morphed into ," Shit and Aw More Shit." Can this get even more awful-----I suppose if Kurt Vonnegut’s Ice Nine really exists. : (
exists. : (

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'Worst of all, even in this election year, no one on the national political scene appears to recognize the danger now fully at hand."-----Andrew Bacevic

Except BERNIE!

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Acts of god. Or witches.

I’m glad to see so many other posters are disappointed in Andrew Bacevich’s recitation of the official narrative regarding 911.

I have long admired his perspective and his writing, but it’s disappointing to see such a man retell the nonsensical and utterly disproven official narrative.

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