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Julian Assange Deserves a Medal of Freedom, Not a Secret Indictment

Julian Assange Deserves a Medal of Freedom, Not a Secret Indictment

James Bovard

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been secretly indicted by the Trump administration’s Justice Department, “a drastic escalation” of the feds’ efforts against him, the New York Times reported.


Assange is far more valuable than the New York Times, wake up people! Via Assange we know what our government is really doing. The NYT is very cleverly packaged propaganda.


It’s no accident that art movements Dada and Surrealism come during and after WWI. If the “rational” world can deploy the horror of industrialized warfare, mass slaughter of the “war to end all wars”, then the rational world makes no sense (and neither did its Art). This was part of the logic of those art movements. Of course WWI, was just the beginning…


I suggest the White House press corps.


There’s lots of work in coercion and violence. The Dadaists and Surrealists tended to be communists and opposed to war. A young aspiring artist named Adolph Hitler applied to the same art academy as Vienna Secessionist painter Oskar Kokoshka who famously said: If Hitler had been admitted, the world would only have one more bad painter." This makes me wonder about W’s turn to painting after retiring from the presidency…


Mike Pompeo lables Assange a “fraud” a “coward” and an “enemy”.

How is he a fraud? Everything Wikileaks leaked is true and has been established as true. Those leaks revealed lies and coverups by the Government. By any defintion this makes the Government the fraud as they seek to defraud the US people from knowing the truth. There is no fraud in truth.

How is he a coward? He could have remained silent on these revelations and refused to divulge these truths. He could have become part of the Deep State as Mr Pompeo is and lived a Jet Set life speaking at dinners for several hundred of thousands of dollars. Instead he acted on his convictions to reveal truths that the public has a right to know. This has cost him deeply.

How is he an enemy? How is a person who reveals to the Citizen the truth an enemy and what is he an enemy of? Is he an enemy of the lie?

The simple fact is this. It those that champion the lie that are frauds. It is those who would cover up the truth that are cowards and it is those that promote the LIE that are the enemy. In putting himself aginst Julian Assange as a champion of the LIE mr Pompeo is in fact the enemy. He champions the one percent and nothing more.


Say what you will about Julian Assange, however, he is the greatest patriot to the peoples of the world, that has existed in our lifetime.


The side you take in the debate as to whether Assange should be given the medal of freedom or indicted depends on whether you are on the side of the people, democracy truth and justice, or on the side of the unaccountable power, power to more readily subjugate the people to the malevolent whims of the powerful

Assange told us what was true, and what we had an absolute right to know, to make informed decisions.


Why? There are reasons to believe he is deeply compromised by autocratic backers and that some of his efforts have been in the service of regimes that have used Wikileaks to ferret out leakers and murder opponents. This stupid Assange-as-hero internet propaganda by “progressives” is just bandwagon worship. We don’t know what indictments may or may not be unsealed, their nature, or what they are regarding. If they aren’t about publishing, but hacking and theft of proprietary material, the man is likely a criminal and should face a jury like other criminals.

The bandwagon worship—hey sellout, we are “true” progressives that just “know” this is an attack on the First Amendment!—is sort of amazing. Let’s see what the evidence against Assange is before putting a wreath on his head and calling him savior.


I don’t give a rat’s ass about medals. That being said. America has egg on its face and it is an abuse of power to go after the ‘messenger’ (Assange), just because they were embarrassed by the exposed truth.

Our country has become a farce.

Edit: I KNOW there will be nothing truthful exposed about Assange, because I know that he did not receive Podesta’s stolen documents from the Russians. That was a lie made up by the DNC and the Clinton team after her loss. The documents were taken from within by an employee who was later murdered. There is no conspiracy, just awful truths about our corrupt elites and politicians who stop at nothing because they actually ‘believe’ it is in our best interest.


Do you know what the sealed indictments look like, if they are even going anywhere, or what they have to do with? If not, I’ll just put your comment in the hero-worship bandwagon box.

Your “I KNOW” certainty tells a lot. If you had said think instead of KNOW then I might have given you a pass. As it is, however, you sound like a lunatic.

Yeah, sorry, I realized I had left some information out of my reply and had to edit probably while you were replying. I was a bit late. Sadly, propaganda in this country is extremely powerful, especially with the control the elites have over the mainstream media. Politicians literally send scripts over to media organizations with what to print. It is just grotesque.

Strangely, it was those on the ‘right’ who were quickest to pick up on the deception that was the Russian meddling lie and the real thief of the DNC’s documents. There were many of us on the left, who also didn’t buy the lie. In fact, there is a trove of information on the internet, including work done by some comp. sci. professionals who have proven that it would have been impossible for the ‘stolen’ documents to have been ‘downloaded’ from a long distance away. They were able to prove the speed of data transfer was equivalent to that of the speed of transfer from a hard disk to a usb stick. They also found the supposed ‘Russian’ fingerprints to have been falsely added (using a Russian keyboard template, for example).

Mueller will have nothing of significance to report concerning Russian hacking, because there was none, as it relates specifically to the DNC documents.

Human beings are absolutely fallible creatures. The vast majority do as they are told in order to keep their jobs. Our media does what it does for A) Profit, and B) Power, and C) Allegiance The Russian ‘Hack’ story was just a made-up story and our media is nothing more than one outlet after another repeating the same story, truthful or not. If it brings ratings, even better!


I’d rather be thought a lunatic with conviction, than a ‘sane’ person just because I dabble in group-think.


Personally, i’m pissed that Assange likely gave us Trump. Assange knowingly or unknowingly colluded with the Russians. That said, I don’t want him busted for just any old reason since governments tend to always try to make far too much stuff secret.

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I hate Trump as well. He and his current administration are horrible. However, if you were to find out that the documents were passed to Assange from an American, would you feel differently?

Edit: Actually, not even Hillary herself thought she could lose to Trump. No one thought he could win. However, there were many people who were absolutely horrified by what happened to Bernie. It was important for us to know the truth. I don’t think the timing of the document push by Wikileaks was purposeful, other than they received them and then released them. Also, we need to keep in mind that Wikileaks is an organization. Assange does not run the show solo.


I would feel somewhat differently IF there was no Russian involvement. However, IF one American was involved with Russia that would mean very little to me.

Fake news should prevail?


This is absolutely false. Nobody “proved” a thing. I’ve addressed this before, and I still cannot believe anyone believes this nonsense. It wasn’t “proved” at the time, it wasn’t “proved” last summer, certainly after the extremely detailed GRU indictments were released. It’s obvious you haven’t bothered to read the GRU indictments and have turned to group-think sources to reaffirm preexisting beliefs. It is part-and-parcel of modern day progressive group think.

Excellent article and intent, except that medals, especially ones bestowed by one single country, should mean nothing to Assange and to his unique and trailblazing contribution to interests of world’s people in general, and more specifically to several fields, such as journalism, cosmopolitanism, geopolitical arrangements, technology and several more. He has truly made history - while medals are just some mediocre tools in the hands of who happens to have the power at the moment.

Does it matter if Giordano Bruno was ever given any medals?