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Julian Assange is A Political Prisoner Who Has Exposed Government Crimes and Atrocities

Julian Assange is A Political Prisoner Who Has Exposed Government Crimes and Atrocities

Mark Weisbrot

Julian Assange is a political prisoner. He has never been charged with a crime. Everyone who recognizes his name should know this, and if they don’t it is only because the largest media outlets have misreported or not reported the basic facts of his detention. This in itself is a searing indictment of the media that Assange and WikiLeaks have struggled to reform.


Julian Assange is a truth speaker. WikiLeaks verifies everything as being the unadulterated truth, or they will not release it.

Many in America simply believe politicians are telling them the truth.

Until the masses in America accept the ‘Truth’ that politicians have been lying to us for many decades, politicians will continue to erode our rights and engage in behavior deadly to all human life and our planet.


Julian Assange is a Russian Asset Working to Destroy Liberal Democracy.

Fixed the headline for you.

And Mark Weisbrot, after all the very good reporting you did on Chavez, I’m more than disappointed to see you suckered like this by that phony.


Kudos to Weisbrot for bucking the Dim-party groupthink (see “vox” above) whereby the heroic Assange is the second coming of Satan because he unveiled some unpleasant truths (and crimes) about their anointed warmongering candidate.

We need many thousands of Assanges.


Wikileaks timing of HRC’s emails is just too convenient for my tastes. And not all “hacking” is done with a computer, social engineering for example, and Russia has been top of this game for a long time. Remember, Assange is wanted by the US for his leaks, I’m not against leaks but if they compromise an election it behooves us to look at all angles and look at them carefully. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg as far as this election is concerned, when the dust settles and we know more I think we all be surprised how far and wide the corruption and collusion went.


“I’m not against leaks but if they compromise an election it behooves us to look at all angles and look at them carefully.”

The DNC compromised its own election. No comments on that? Also, any comments on the Donna Brazile debate questions “leaks” to HRC? Don’t they also compromise elections?


Absolutely bang on the money. And it is a testament to our grovelling, sycophantic media…and to many of us as well, that a man as brave as Julian, should be relatively neglected in the progressive press.

Why doesn’t some credible outfit, like Avaaz…or several credible outfits like Avaaz, organize a petition demanding his release. It is a great good he has done all of us…and a great advancement for whistle blowers everywhere, that Wikkileaks developed such a secure system for good people of conscience to take advantage of.

That he still fights on largely alone, is deplorable. But all of us who say we want honesty, transparency and democratic governments, have allowed this extras-judicial charade to go on long enough.

What could we all do, to call of the hounds?


Bah. The event wikkileaks should have compromised was America’s illegal war against Iraq. That’s where the real dirty linen started showing up.

The thing is, if we want democratically elected governments, and honest incorruptible ones, the best thing our politicians could learn, outfits like wikkileaks are teaching them.

Stop cheating. Stop laundering money. Stop shooting innocent people. Stop spying on everyone, including your brain damaged self. Treat all candidates for office with the same integrity, including a leftie like Bernie.
If you don’t want to be exposed, don’t do the dirty.
Because if you do, in this day and age, someone is likely watching…or able to track your web footprints.


For more, see this new interview from Democracy Now!. Very disappointed with Allan Nairn, who misses the point, and also Naomi Klein. Assange was right.


And he has been driven nuts in the process. If he gets out of the Ecuadoran embassy he will need a long rest in a protective environment where he can rage against his persecutors to his heart’s content.

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There is one huge problem with Assange’s release. It would leave him vulnerable to what he most fears, being extradited to the US. We need a world wide campaign of human rights agencies, journalists, heads of state which have their heads screwed on right, newspaper editirs with guts, writers, and everyday citizens to support Assange who represents a whole different way of governing. We, the people, put our money in the machine, pulling the levers for healthy choices that will improve our lives and those of our fellow citizens, that will sustain the environment for our children and grandchildren, foster good relations with the rest of the world and what do we get? A mucky torrent of slime. Assange is only trying to shed some light


To add to the discussion:



Assange is a modern day hero IMO. He should be decorated for service to mankind in exposing the crimes of government.


He could also be a rapist who fled a court hearing and is saying the word “extradition” to build sympathy. Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but a three-judge Swedish court panel found his arrest warrant valid, based on the evidence, in 2016.

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Got any proof for the “Russian Asset” claim? I and many others would like to see such proof. But if you are just full of hot air then you’ll fit right in with US corporate media. Standing by for you proof. E.g., payments from Russia to Assange, intercepted email of other communication between Assange and Russian Government agencies, etc.Any of these would be great to see.

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too bad you gave yourself this Edward Abbey name and then think so unlike the real Hayduke character. Incongruous, imho. “I’m not against leaks but if they compromise an election it behooves us to look at all angles and look at them carefully.” is like saying: I am not against speaking the truth unless makes an impact.

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The police state needs more people like you: Guilty until proven innocent is your mantra and you stick with it. Gutsy and medieval 2017 legal position.

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Huh, joined 30 minutes ago, let me guess your ISP is located somewhere in Eastern Europe. You don’t know shit about me comrade, say for example I personally know the real Hayduke and have hung out with him and see him once or twice a year. You bots are infiltrating every aspect of the social media stratosphere and so many folks take your bullshit as fact. I used to to credit Common Dreams posters as folks capable of critical thinking but now everyone picks a “side” and if you are not on that side than you are the enemy. Sure sounds a lot organized religion. Incongruous huh? Like Cactus Ed, who would die for wilderness but also threw his empty beer cans out the window while driving down the highway…

Wrong: My ISP is in New Jersey, USA. Remember that we were discussing Assange and Wikileaks. This is not personal, at least to me its not.

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Great currently my IP is Germany maybe next time Canada. You went after my surname that was a little personal. I was a big fan of WL, Snowden, Manning etc. But as I’ve studied this election and the fingers of influence and how far they reach I no longer trust Assange or WLs to be objective, too much coincidence. Why not leak RNC info, and if you don’t think it’s out there you’re pretty naive. What did Assange stand to gain? Money? Russian passport? Just too fishy…maybe I’m paranoid but the DNC leaks do not seem altruistic as far as my bullshit meter goes.