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Julian Assange on the TPP, NSA Spying, and his Own Ambiguous Future


Julian Assange on the TPP, NSA Spying, and his Own Ambiguous Future

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In an hour-long interview aired Wednesday, Julian Assange spoke with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! at the Ecuador embassy in London and shared his perspective on NSA spying, the pending Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, and other controversies.


Remember how the day and night “Drummers for Peace” outside of the White House used to drive Nixon absolutely nuts?

Maybe we should all get whistles (and earplugs) and have “Whistle-blowers are the the True Patriots” marches around the White House, Capital Building, and all over Washington D.C… Maybe even get a few large “ship whistles” to accompany the racket. That way, every time someone hears a whistle, they will start to think of these whistle-blowers.

Julian, Chelsey, Edward, Jeffrey, and all of the other whistle-blowers are the true heroes of our time and should be honored - and people need to be reminded of their service. Maybe even a “Whistle-blowers - Thank you for your service” sticker campaign to counter the hollow “Thank you for you service” platitudes that the right-wingers spout to “prove” their patriotism.

The marches should continue until these heroes are freed and awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Congressional Medal of Honor, etc.


The grand jury operation out of Virginia should be investigating war crimes and torture in Afghanistan and Iraq not the truth about what happened.


The world is upside down the truth tellers are in jail and the liars are in charge.


I love it. Brilliant idea.

Every time a politician nears a microphone, drown him out with whistle blowing, demanding that Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and countless others be freed and pardons be issued for all whistleblowers everywhere.


And the demonstrators would all be protected by the federal Whistleblower Protection Act!
(too bad that that law is toothless even for the real whistleblowers)


Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me laugh hysterically (or shreaking, as a friend describes it).


Daniel Ellsberg set a high bar for patriotic duty, today’s whistle blowers have moved it even higher. It takes incredible courage to confront a totally lawless regime that is immune to any sanctions from outside itself.