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Julian Assange's Life Is at Risk, Says United Nations Expert, Condemning Detention After Exposing War Crimes

I’d prefer if she were more open about it.

Land of the brainwashed and home of the sociopaths.

Pat Tillman and his family firmly believe he was murdered.

Hi Helen:
I think Tulsi responded the way that she did was because of the Hillary attack on saying that Tulsi was a Russian asset. Once a disgusting person starts attacking others, the news follows that lead. What the Hillary did was despicable-----but that pretty much describes her mentality. Remember, the Hillary will do anything to win, and I guess the DNC is letting this charade go on so she can get the nomination-even though if she wanted to run she should have begun at the beginning , like all the other candidates.

Tulsi did do well in her response to Hillary.

I mean I wish Tulsi were more open about the nature of her military service being medical.Her sites with her photo in uniform don’t even mention it.

Hi helen:

Re: Tulsi and why won’r she speak more to the medical. I remember an old story back when the standard bearer was attacked and yelled out," I carry the standard, not a weapon." But the enemy army person said, 'It may be true that you do not have a weapon, but carrying the standard is even more important than a weapon."

The lesson is said to mean that all parts of an army are important, and asking for clemency means nothing as the flag bearer or the medical person is still involved in and supporting a war.
However, in Tulsi’s case, she is trying to get ALL the victims of 9/11 helped—all the citizens, office workers, fire and bomb squad personnel…it’s not always just about the soldiers who die— or even the first responders ----and this is true in every war. I agree with Tulsi on this, people are still suffering, through loss of love of family member, or remembering that the government said “No problem,” with the dust. That was a very sad and awful day the the public believed that. Ashes to ashes, and cancer dust to cancer dust. : (

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Posting pictures of her in uniform promotes volunteering in the armed forces. This indeed is in conflict with most of Tulsi’s stated convictions and intentions regarding America’s foreign policy.

Hi helen, maybe she wore the military outfit to remind people that Hillary is insane and that Tulsi is not a," Russian asset."

It’s a good thing DONALD J. TRUMP does not benefit by Wiki-Leaks or finders of fact.