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Julian Bond, Colleague and Inspiration


Julian Bond, Colleague and Inspiration

Clarence Lusane

I had the great fortune to have had Julian Bond as a colleague at American University.

On a number of occasions, I sat in on his lectures or talks. These were mostly small, intimate gatherings away from cameras and the media. That is when Julian Bond the agitator became Julian Bond the educator, effortlessly mesmerizing young minds eager for his knowledge and experience.


Your personal perspective on your friendship with Julian Bond and his influence on others, Clarence; these reflections are appreciated.

This is a warm and wonderful account of someone who has inspired others for peace and justice for five decades, and his legacy lives on.

Best wishes and peace.


Being an Atlanta native and having worked there as a journalist, I had been given the occasion to meet Mr. Bond and many of the surviving leaders of the civil rights movement. I knew then that I was extremely fortunate and privileged to have met these people and spoken with them - and learned so very much! Their influence and inspiration has had a profound impact on my life and the perspectives that I have developed over the years. I value these people as far more illustrious than any actor or sports star I’ve had the chance to interview or meet.

Julian Bond represents so much that I hold dear about my home city of Atlanta and the progress it has made through the years. I am grateful I was given the opportunity to have met these people and learned from them because I was there, in that special place and time. I am saddened to see their passing but I know their ideas will live on in all whom have been influenced by them. It is in their spirit that we carry on their struggles today.