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Julian Castro, Cory Booker Not Allowing Biden to Avoid Responsibility for Obama Administration Immigration Policies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/31/julian-castro-cory-booker-not-allowing-biden-avoid-responsibility-obama

Good for Castro & Booker to nail Clueless Joe, but Cory ‘Big Pharma’s Buddy’ Booker is no great prize, either.


The biggest hit of the night was Tulsi Gabbard’s takedown of Kamala Harris, which you apparently missed?

Tulsi Gabbard torches Kamala on Criminal Justice – Jul 31, 2019 - Tulsi Gabbard - YouTube


I was hoping she’d go after her about her (Harris’s) support of the 3 strikes law in California too. But she didn’t. Someone should!


Mainstream Media seems to be coalescing around the idea that Biden did OK, which is good enough if you are the frontrunner.

Kamala flunked, so her polling high may be over.

Personally, I am drawn to whoever polls best in head-to-head matchups against trump in the midwest. Nate Silver says that I shouldn’t trust the head to head matchup polls until 2020, but I can’t help it :frowning:

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Last Wednesday, Mueller: That is not in my purview.

This Wednesday, Biden: That is not in my purview to reveal.

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Too bad Bye din did not refer the speaker to 'the report" AKA the record of his actions while in office

Golly, friends: The excitement in here is so thick you could cut it with a knife! I haven’t had so much fun since Mueller starred in “Just Say Yes” at the Congre Playhouse a little bit ago. Absolutely spellbinding.

Howie Hawkins, Green Party presidential candidate, made a 20 minute video of remarks on today’s corporate circus pretend debate:


There is a crazy old man in the White House. It seems that the democratic party’s only response to this is to replace him with THEIR crazy old man.
And as for the democrats crazy old man, he would be wise to learn from an old fishing analogy, as even a fish wouldn’t get caught if he’d keep his mouth shut. Or of course the other one, better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
It’s time to shake ol uncle Joes hand, give him a lifetime supply of viagara, and send him home to Jill.

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After these two “debates” you can just hear the wheels beginning to creak over at the DNC.
I’m sure Tom Perez threw together a midnight conference call with Hil the shill and Haim Saban last night. Toms hands were shaking so much that the ash kept falling from his cigarette. Tom was the first to speak…
“My god! He just can’t stop fucking himself!”
“Calm down Tom, it’s only the second debate” Hillary blurts out, attempting to diffuse the situation.
“Jesus, he looked terrible after the first one! But now this?” As Perez takes another slobbering drag, creating a haze around him.
“Just stick to the plan Tom. Yeah, I didn’t want to have these goddamn dog and pony show debates either, but there we are. Don’t worry, by this time next week half of those dumbasses will back in their home states running for re election.”
Perez reaches for his top left desk drawer, pulls out a half empty bottle of chevis Regal, unscrews the top and takes two large gulps.
“Relax Tom!”
“Relax? Relax? This fucking debacle hasn’t been over for an hour and I already have, shit, 50 fucking emails. Maybe a hundred! And it’s not just some rubes from ass-rape West Virginia, it’s from big money guys! Goddamn Lloyd Blankfein wants to know what the fuck we’re going to do about Joe now! Shit!”
Haim Saban finally interjects, “ I’ll call Lloyd. Everybody here needs to just relax, TOM! We knew from day one this whole Joe thing was a crap shoot at best. That’s why we have Kamala and the little spic, what’s his name, Castro? With those two we’ve got the bases covered. What I want to know at this moment is how these goddamn hippies keep sneaking into the debates and shouting questions about actual issues. Jesus Christ Tom, you gotta do a better job. We’ve got to keep these idiots on message and the last thing they need to deal with is bullshit questions about global warming and women’s rights.”
Perez leans back in his chair, takes another hit from the bottle, and says, “well, what do we do now? Has The Biden ship hit the goddamn iceberg?”
“Not yet” said Saban. “But it’s looking bad. I’ll check with the others. I can tell you that, as of right now, everybody still wants Joe. But the Harris girl is acceptable, should it come to that.”
“But what about the goddamn liberals? We don’t want a repeat of 2016 do we?” Perez blurted out, as he drops his chin to his chest.
Saban, his voice sounding frustrated, “ well, I’m willing to consider Warren as a number two as a last resort of course. But in the end, fucking Bernie and his people have to go. I’d rather see Trump get another four years than seen the Jewish LBJ in the Oval Office”
And that’s where we are today…


Mainstream media reports that ByeDone survived the attacks relatively unscathed.

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Yup, isn’t it hilarious. It’s as though we all went to see Othello, and as we walked out of the theater, the main stream media looked at us and said “isn’t it a shame what happened to that poor Willy Loman?”

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The fact that Biden clings like a barnacle to Obama is odd. Does his polling suggest that’s smart?

Because Hillary pretty much went that route. And it was a fail.

Also, from what I’ve seen – and I did not watch the debates – Harris kinda stumbled.

In case you care to conjecture, I posted this over/under challenge in another thread: Seven d-party candidates drop out of the race by mid-September. Over? Under?

In the end, the polls will tell. Personally though, I believe that how a debate is reported/spun has a bigger impact than the actual event, so if Politico and others declare that Biden did OK, then, well, that is what people will remember.

I don’t quite understand the utility of dwelling on Obama’s policies though, when we are running against Trump, not Obama. Obama nostalgia should be something the entire party capitalizes on, even if you plan on going beyond him. It is very much a real thing, judging from favorability rating shifts and the newfound popularity of Obamacare. Critiquing this nostalgia is like deliberately damaging a tool we will later need for 2020.

Trump’s poll numbers are up as well. So what polling matters?

Also, you didn’t weigh in on my over/under challenge. Go ahead, give it a shot.

Trump’s polling numbers ticking up freaked me out immensely. I’ve lost track of how many times I check 538 each day. It’s unhealthy, but it feels so important.

7 sounds about right. The more the better.

I’m reminded of what I thought when I heard that exchange live. Who’s lying?

and there was a spike in google searches for both Harris and Gabbard- the ones for Harris probably to find out if she was lying on this.

Hopefully, Google didn’t distort their searches to make it look like she wasn’t lying.

Just saw snippets. Did any of the candidates call out Biden for greasing the skids for Clarence Thomas?
I’ll bet they didn’t.