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Julian Castro's Story Should Cause the Democratic Party to Reflect on How It Chooses Candidates

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/02/julian-castros-story-should-cause-democratic-party-reflect-how-it-chooses

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From the article:

“… should make the country in general melancholy about the state of affairs as the election season begins.”

“Begins???” My Dog, when does it ever STOP???

Also from the article:

“Criminal justice reform, Julian Castro said, must also include justice for the victims of the criminals in uniform. This was a brave thing to say. It is still a brave thing to say, and somebody who’s still in the race should say it, plainly and without equivocation. Somebody who’s still in the race should say it as bravely as Julian Castro did.”

I can’t quote you every word that Bernie Sanders has said on the stump, but I find it hard to accept that he’s remained silent on the subject


What a BULLSHIT article! ANOTHER moron who thinks identity politics and skin color are more important than ISSUES! The only candidate who gets this is Bernie Sanders, and because of this he is garnering support from all colors, all religions, and all sexes. If this article was on paper I’d treat it as it deserves then FLUSH IT!


The question isn’t why the “centrist shill” DP and its entrenched hierarchy should “review” their motives and methods, that is clearly and obviously corrupted. The questions is the why? Why the DP is so constipated and so thoroughly in thrall to big-money, the status-quo, corporate/banker/wall street/, insurance and big-pharma parasite "business " as usual, that they do not, cannot, and WILL NOT support the people’s interests (including the party itself, having lost election after election - betrayed working people, progressive issues and candidates strong environmental protections/action, universal single-payer, gutting the war machine’s obscene trillions for death, or support candidates that will do so! Why they will NOT support candidates OF, BY, and FOR the people!

The only answer it seems - absent some astonishing awakening of moral integrity and vision from the DINO political players - is a third party formed of the tens of millions of fed-up, infuriated, betrayed and ripped-off by the corrupted “democratic” party (the R’Cons are beyond mention)!! Surely there are enough people of conscience including politicians not sold-out to make a third party work. The duopoly good-cop, bad-cop, worse cop political charade scam of D’s & R’s is a rats-nest of greed, corruption and war-mongering.


… and he would be the first Jewish president.

So, there ya go, identity politckers…


No argument form me on the needs for a third party. I’ve been a third party voter since the 90s when I started voting Green Party. The problem is that the Republican and Democratic parties and the corporate media own our pay to play political system. Those infamous SCOTUS decisions rightfully get blamed for the money in politics problem, but what is often overlooked is how those decisions have all but killed a third party movement. To be viable, now, a third party would all but need to buy its own media outlet and muscle in on the corporate media enough to attract a following. I don’t agree with the author’s lamenting the loss of some of these candidates, but his point about billionaires being able to stay in the debates and continuing their campaigns by virtue of their personal fortunes is well-taken. Jill Stein gets arrested for trying to break into a debate, but billionaires buy their way into a debate when they have nothing but their vanity to assuage. Pretty sick.

I really do think that Bernie Sanders is the last chance progressives have a making a dent in this viciously corrupt political system. How much he can accomplish is debatable, of course, but if the Democrats go with Biden or one of his money-grubber imitators, it’s game over.


It seems to me that Castro spoke to a large segment of the Latino community. Imho his voice (and perspective)… both melancholic and hopeful… will be missed as the author writes. An excellent parting video by their campaign on Sanders twitter site… scroll down…https://twitter.com/BernieSanders?lang=en

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In a November poll of California Latinos, their top three choices were:

Sanders 31%
Biden 22%
Castro 9%


What about beyond California? Nevada or Texas for example.

I don’t think the author should be so quick to call Marianne Williamson a crackpot and a self-marketer. Because she is a woman and is talking about love in the political realm, she seems to make some men very uncomfortable. But just a few years ago, Bernie was talking about socialism and making a lot of people very uncomfortable. Now that is changing, thanks to his courage and vision. When young Americans are polled, the majority say they would prefer socialism to capitalism. I think it will be a great day when we can talk about love and politics in our public forums as well. Sure, Americans need to evolve past where they are today in order for that to happen, but somebody has to start the conversation. I’m glad that Marianne has done so.


It’s called google. Go try it.
Castro never got higher than 2% in a national poll.
When that happens you become the 14th candidate to drop out.


You know, it does not really work to have a candidate from each traditionally disenfranchised group running for a single office.

What could work would be to have a single candidate for the single office who takes into account the oppression shared by each disenfranchised group:

This principally means class issues, though not to the utter exclusion of all else. It means taking control from the inordinately privileged.

This is why excusing the putting aside of class issues for identity politics fails to resolve either. It is not authentically helpful to have a Black or gay or female or Hispanic candidate who is corporatist rather than in favor of helpful policy.

Apparently there is someone who can be bribed in just about any significant demography one can think of.


Pathetic identity politics. It doesn’t matter the skin color, what matters is the color of the thoughts. As soon as he cited Kamala Harris I knew the article was pure pasture patty.
She is a hypocrite who busted 1500 pot heads and joked about smoking mary jane when she was in college. On the other hand she let Steve Mnuchin, “the foreclosure king” off the prosecutorial hook against the wishes of her staff. They had prepared a nice solid case against him. Now he is Treasury Secretary making the rest of the world financially miserable with Trump’s sanctions.
Yes the Democratic party should reflect on how it chooses candidates: Obama is a perfect example. Mr Hopey , changy reneged on at least 90 percent of his so called progressive campaign promises proving his substance was largely Harvard Law.
Somewhat off the color line, we have Hillary. Oh wouldn’t a woman in the White House be wonderful?
Yes that one would be as wonderful as Theresa May, Maggie Thatcher, Indira Gandi, Imelda Marcos, and many similar women who can out politically macho even the Bush crime family.


As a woman, Sarah Palin was qualified as hell!

Ah Sarah, a loser who fortunately wasn’t talented enough to do much damage outside her own family. Although as a VP candidate she may have spared us a John McCain presidency-just a thought, conjecture…

Castro should have been viable all the way to the convention. (This is also true of Jay Inslee and Kamala Harris.)

Should have? What criteria would be needed to achieve the author’s wish exactly? Is there a different combination of polls and number of donors? What other criteria is possible? Signatures? Without saying exactly how Castro or others clearly without significant support are supposed to stay in debates, this article is logically of no value whatsoever on that question.

If the author just wishes to highlight the issue of police violence and encourage others to speak about it (and as @GuildF312S said, Sanders talks about the issue - maybe not at the debates though), then don’t confuse the piece with bad arguments on debate rules.

This piece didn’t do it for me, that’s for sure.


totally agree. Castro looked like a perfect young dark skinned, ambitious arrogant kid who made sure he pushed the DNC agenda and tried to develop a following among the dark skins and dark skin sympathizers which would potentially deliver a block of votes and then Castro would benefit by receiving some combination of perks, promotions and fame. Same for Buttigieg, Kamala, Booker, Warren, Amy… They would be Biden or Hillary’s team players. Bernie and Tulsi are the only ones who don’t appear to be a part of the “team”.

Actually a pretty good thought. Had never imagined there might be any benefit to her candidacy, but the one you suggest is interesting.