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'July Has Re-Written Climate History': Month Could Go Down as Planet's Hottest Ever

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/02/july-has-re-written-climate-history-month-could-go-down-planets-hottest-ever

That this is happening in Talkeetna*, just breaks my heart. One of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen.

*The drinking town with a climbing (it’s at the base of Denali)


As an Alaskan resident I have been to Talkeetna and Denali many times and I agree…HEARTBREAKING!


The lack of any sort of action on global poisoning/warming by politicians in general and the GOP specifically ignoring the signs just shows how dire the situation is. The fires up in the northern tier of the world escape any media attention. Only when rich folk’s homes are torched do we see any actual reporting, of course without any causal acknowledgement to global warming. Oh well, I’ll be dead before things get untenable which is sad for those with children to worry about, sorry. Peace


We can listen to the scientists, or to the priests and greedheads. Our lives depend on making the correct choice.


I guess we are going to wait until we get a 175 degree summer.

We are now in the third day of an historic melt pulse for the Greenland ice-sheet, on track to easily lose more ice-mass than we’ve seen before – making for more than one mm this year alone, only from Greenland, of sea-level rise. So far, each successive day of the heatwave over Greenland has generated more ice-mass loss. As heatwaves do these days, this one is sticking around for awhile: it looks like at least another couple of days of this in the forecast.

Meanwhile, the Arctic icecap broke loose in July of 2019 for the first time in human experience. We’ve got two overheated drama-queens vying for attention in our hemisphere’s cryosphere: the icecap versus the ice-sheet – and hardly anyone paying them any mind! Most of the meltwater pouring off Greenland right now goes north, where it’s strong enough to push away the whole icecap, opening up a huge crack of open water over the entire American Arctic, where the thickest, oldest ice was supposed to hold out until the very end.

The climate history happening in July and August of 2019 starts raising questions about “the very end”: What do we mean by “saving the Earth from climate change” if it has now manifestly become too late, folks, to save the icecap, or the Greenland ice-sheet? All the climate-talks since 1988 are now exposed as stalling tactics, because the permanent emergency the IPCC was convened to avert is now upon us. It’s a terrible embarrassment for science that they allowed governments and fossil-fuel predators to warp their warnings to the point of uselessness. Now whom do we trust?

Oh wait, it seems Mama has a bit more to say on this subject…


The Arctic meltdown is in progress. This means that if left to its own devices, nature will bubble up all that methane and CO2, 1.7 teratons from the Arctic, and 415 ppm is going to move to 1200 ppm. At 1200 ppm most of the world’s farmland won’t bear significant crops.

Now, tell me true, have any of the 20 Democratic candidates mentioned the coming Arctic meltdown, not the current Greenland meltoff? Well, there you have it, it’s never going to happen.

I have a Toles cartoon of two people with a sign, “Warning, Climate abyss” and another two people with a sign,“There IS no abyss”. A guy in an Uncle Sam suit is free-falling down the abyss. One of the bystanders says, “He decided the truth must be somewhere in the middle.” The cartoonist in the corner says “Maybe he’ll fall only halfway.”


Lets hope we will all be dead before this may become a future headline: CLIMATE SCIENTISTS SAY TOO LATE TO AVERT COMING CLIMATE CATASTROPHES!

Also note that the earth is experiences extreme cold conditions as well as new cold weather temperatures are also being set.

Howie Hawkins is the first, and as far as I know still only, presidential candidate to sign the 350.org pledge. Don’t waste resources on bait and switch Democrats.

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But, that’s exactly what increasing numbers of scientists are saying, Shantiananda. Surely you’re not tempering your expectations on whatever the hell the M$M does. I blame the IPCC for allowing too much non-scientific interference, but I don’t blame scientists like Rachel Carson and James Hansen for not getting listened to, not closely enough.

The Beginning Of the End has a technical definition among cryospheric researchers, it even goes by the same initials: Blue Ocean Event = < 1 million km2 of Arctic sea ice. The ice looks so bad up there – vast rubble at 85N, the heart of the icecap – 2019 is the first year in which serious people are considering the possibility of a BOE. (Specialists differ widely: consult Neven’s Arctic Sea Ice Forum for a sampling of current assessments.)

The big Arctic difference in 2019, which is permanent in the sense future years will not and cannot recover from it (not the thick ice which should be there), is the “Greenland-CAA Megacrack”: huge swathes of open water on our side of the Arctic. With the Russian side way open, it means a new albedo regime is taking seat, accelerating Earth’s energy imbalance like a trillion tons of CO2 emissions, jumping 25 years ahead into a future we look away from.

I mean, I’m sorry. Opinions differ on that BOE too, of course – whether it might be reversible, if somehow the Arctic might be encouraged to refreeze. Not gonna happen, and the further implications of that are plainly grim. We have to drop the threadbare “We’ve only got X years left to avert disaster” as a lame motivational ploy, because X is now. Now what do we do? I say we still have to stop fossil fuel extraction, even if we die trying.


Anyone notice that the more BS that comes out of trumps mouth, the hotter the planet gets?


Thanks for your cogent reply. Yes, I agree!

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We’re human beings and our feelings are connected to our children’s and grandchildren’s feelings. If they’re going to be hungry in the future, most of us can’t help but feel bad while we’re still alive. Things aren’t right.


More like TOO LATE TO AVERT COMING NUCLEAR WAR. That is what is going to happen first.
The economic house of cards is set to tumble post 2020 election (in which I believe you numsculls in the US will re-elect the current clown). When that happens, there will be war. No doubt about it. And the war will involve nuclear weapons.
And yet, the human species still procreates. Forget indisputable climate catastrophe, locked-in economic collapse, certain war. That humans still choose to procreate is the truly unsolvable puzzle.


What we do or don’t do is related to how fossil fuels are used. Do we continue to commute alone daily in personal cars across metropolitan areas? Do we continue to casually fly around world? Do we continue manufacturing household goods in foreign nations and transport them in shipping containers across oceans and truck them from ports to regional distribution warehouses? Can we assume Amazon can complete this longest-distance chain of transport from global manufacturing sites to local households? Can we continue these travel and transport practices in electric vehicles as suggested by most GND proposals? The answer to all these questions is No. We can however expect this fossil fuel dependent economic system to crash suddenly and leave every nation without the means to meet basic needs. Trump’s conspiring cabal of dictatorial monarchic and oligarchic world leaders intend to crash the global economy in exactly this manner - a siege, food shortages, failed water supply and waste treatment, power cutoff, armed vigilante bigoted racists looking for anyone but themselves to blame for what they will call World War III.


Toles is one of my heroes.

I’m tempted to be flippant: “Oh, I can think of a reason or two…” That’s not at all funny, is it? One of the damnedest things about the simultaneous implosion of Empire and of Earth’s climate system is that avenues for humor seem to be drying up like old glacial beds. It’s all gallows humor anymore. No fun! The stuff in Funny Times (which I’ve read for years) lands with a thud for me. (On the other hand, I’m old enough I have to remember to pee before reading Jeffrey St Clair’s Roaming Charges.)

At this point, my own sense of humility forces on me an overwhelming sense of undeserved privilege. I’m having a chance to be a part of Life on Earth, possibly in the closing decades for multicellular organisms, in all their astonishing glory. Contrary to the fantasies of science fiction writers, there’s no evidence suggesting the existence of anything else resembling a monarch butterfly, indeed any Life anywhere in the Universe, except here. The tragedy is permanent, but the beauty of Life still remains sufficiently to savor, to communicate with, every day. If you can’t see it, you’re just not looking hard enough.


Great. Here’s another:

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