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Jurists Shocked by Justice Alito's 'Wildly Inappropriate' Attack on LGBTQ Equality, Reproductive Rights, and More

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/jurists-shocked-justice-alitos-wildly-inappropriate-attack-lgbtq-equality


Fascista torna a casa.


Those who wish to conduct their lives by traditional values are free to do so, they cannot impose those values on people that are different.


Senate Democrats knew this man’s proclivities- and they knew that he’d lied to a previous committee that appointed him to the federal bench about recusing himself in cases where he had brazen conflicts of interest.

Yet they passed on it and confirmed him anyway.


He did practice “freedom of speech”.

Looking at today and forward in time, there is less danger
to an individual having an unpopular viewpoint than
previously in our nation’s history.

Do not be afraid to learn optional ideas, designs, and models.
There may be some element having great value when added
to the consensus already reached and accepted as is.

Just because you reach the level of Supreme Court Justice in this country does not mean your views on humanity are even remotely human.

This from Alito is further reasoning for abolishing lifetime appointments in place of shorter terms.


Alito is part of the virulent Catholic right-wing, widely represented on the Court and in government, that seeks a theocracy.
This educated fool, who believes in the son-killing, world-flooding Biblical invisible sky father and is devoted to the holy Roman Church of Pedophile Priests, has a draconian political-religious agenda he wants to force onto America.
And he is succeeding, especially now that he’s part of a 6-3 nutcase majority.
If we see women forced back into gestation slavery due to an overturn of Roe, Alito will be at the helm of that dastardly ruling.


So you are saying it’s ok to yell FIRE in a crowded theater, which is what Alito basically did?

he just showed us why most of us know that we will never get justice from him or any of his fellow jurists–the religious/corporate take over of our country is on exhibition and the bigots are emboldened to spout their anti-human rhetoric at will


If one of he tenants of your religion is the right to control my behavior, you’ll have to show me your delegation of authority from God in proper legal form.


Mark Joseph Stern tweet:
“And here is Justice Alito defending Masterpiece Cakeshop’s Jacks Phillips for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple.”

This is incorrect. He refused to provide his signature cake service for a same-sex wedding.

“and no reason to think that Jack Phillips stand would deprive any same-sex couple of a wedding cake. The couple that came to his shop was given a free cake by another bakery…”

This, on the other hand, is monumental judicial ignorance. Not only was this not the basis of the Masterpiece Cake Shop case, the rationale he is offering here would be abhorrent in any actual discrimination cases. It does not become permissible to discriminate against members of a socially-accepted class in providing a public good or accommodation merely because a similar good or accommodation can be had somewhere else.


I did not hear him yell FIRE.

Alito explained his minority conservative viewpoint
to an audience who already agree with him.

I repeat = ‘freedom of speech’.
very same that you and I enjoy
should go to him also, and everybody.

The disturbing issue is that he believes it, not that he said it. We like to imagine that supreme court judges are impartial, so maybe it’s a good thing we now have even more proof to demand the much needed changes we want to see on the highest court in the land.

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Alito: Better than Taney
Lifetime appointments are provided to gain their true opinion.
Not be a syncophant.

I disagree with conservative rulings such as corporations are people too.
Ridiculous because corporations were created to bring together money from many individuals and protect their personal wealth from my claw back!

But I need to have freedom of speach, assembly and religion for myself. So, I must provide that same set of freedoms to everyone else, including Alito.

Judges are not impartial. I do not mind voting for the county and state judges. I think it is a good measure. bar association endorsements mean less than reviewing the campaign donor list.

Served on a jury and the judge was corrupt. Victim waited five years for justice, plaintiff guilty easily and judge dismisses!! Say what?
Plaintiff was from same social set as judge.

We need to keep a record, time date context and content, of all such speeches and comments for use in firing the ones who make them.

Exposing themselves when they think they can get away with it is standard psychopath behavior, and we need to have zero psychopaths in public and quasi-public office.

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I’d strongly disagree. He should indeed have freedom of speech…but not while he holds that job. When judges’ private opinions leak over into their public behavior, they’ve violated the code of conduct that binds all judges all the way down to village justices of the peace.


And that is why we must keep detailed records of their behaviors: so that when we go to fire them, we can show that it’s for cause.

I like that idea. Thinking about this as possibly an a opportunity to have a template that identifies report psychosis and returns it for correction but that could be a problem. Much of policy is created by think tanks and what we see is the finished product wrapped up in name recognition and what not. I think we need to take a full assessment that includes the source. (Alec, Cato, Heritage and so on.) This is interesting because I think it is more than just politics or political organization.

It is just that I’ve done so much paperwork, I look for ways to reduce it.

We definitely need to take a better account of this bugger.

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The federalists are looking ahead to 2024 prez candidates.
Alito speech there is aimed at mayor Pete from South Bend, Indiana.

Phoned in to me about one hour ago by orphan perogi prog in NYC.

Harris as VP is centrist stand in for Joe if he dies. She cannot win the
prez on her own. If Joe serves out his term, she may be VP for Pete.

Trump is discounted as 2024 candidate. Republicans have no one
else to step forward and lead the party. They richly deserve failure
because they have failed american society.

The rabid Trump supporters simply prove that american education
has failed since about 1965. I’ll add that dollar spent as 50% waste
along with medical and war dept.

Hop on the progressive train - it is Pete.

Sorry, I deleted the post previously written. My bad, confusing the “Federalists Papers” with the Federalist Society. Big difference.

"The Federalist Papers is a collection of 85 articles and essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay under the collective pseudonym “Publius” to promote the ratification of the United States Constitution. "