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Just a 'Mistake,' As US Airstrikes Kill Allied Soldiers in Afghanistan


Just a 'Mistake,' As US Airstrikes Kill Allied Soldiers in Afghanistan

Jon Queally, staff writer

In what may be the worst "friendly fire" incident of the U.S. war in Afghanistan since it began in 2001, reports on Monday indicate that at least ten Afghan soldiers were killed and others wounded after their compound was fired on by U.S. military helicopters.


Pat Tillman was the worst, as his assassination was with malice aforethought.


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The way I generally figure is that if I assume that the Pentagon (and Kerry, Biden, Nuland, etc.) are always lying and I’m wrong twenty percent of the time, I’m right eighty percent of the time. Just a rule of thumb.


Those goatherders all look the same…


This"mistake"will have its reprisal “mistakes”, stay tuned, Afghans are known to.avenge unjust killing of their fallen comrades.


A very stupid comment to put it mildly


“Oops, our bad”.

Perhaps the next attack against the US should be referred to in the same way. The US demands that those killed by it’s own actions just “walk it off”, the US should do the same if gives the same “explanation”.


Which of course will give the US an excuse to stay much longer in Afghanistan. Those weapon manifacturers need to shore up the bottom line.


“Mistake” is firing a bazooka from inside a minivan. :frowning: (Or maybe that’s plain dumb.)
Blowback: The shooting at recruiting offices in “The Noog” by one pissed off Kuwaiti is a recent example. One of the guys killed was a veteran who was involved in fighting around Abu Graib. He was called a “hero.”
The fact that the warmakers and the boots-on-the-ground fail to comprehend this concept of blowback is worse than asinine.
And these same shills tried to tell us the war in Afghanistan was “over.”



This friendly fire ‘accident’ was so common in the Afghanistan ‘war’ that a full 40 Percent of all casualties were from it according to author Jon Krakauer in his account of Pat Tillman Where Men Win Glory. We accidently shot the Canadians, and then they accidentally shot us. We accidentally shoot ourselves and those soldiers accidently shoot civilians every single month.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this war is a racket. NFL star Pat Tillman declared he was going to go home and tell everyone what a scam the Afghan war was. Unfortunately, he died of lead poisoning a few days later. The first autopsy said they were US army rounds, even thought the Army claimed the Terrorists did it. It was round-filed and a new autopsy report said something different.

Vietnam Redux.


Oh, wait… they weren’t “our” troops. I was thinking that this might be a Real problem… but they’re Afghans… so (let’s see…) that’s about $2500. per corpse, if we’re paying the same rate as we do for the “collateral damage” murders. No biggie… :frowning:


‘Friendly fire’ is gunfire against a friendly group of soldiers.
I’m sure nobody left alive at that outpost in Baraki Barak is still friendly toward US soldiers,

so Problem Solved.


As a veteran I can assure you that this isn’t how the military works. You have a pretty fevered imagination.

When you a movie and the CIA has all this cool tech do you think its real? Do you think hackers write code super fast too? Hint: they don’t.


The intended irony was obvious. That doesn’t change the obnoxiousness of the comment.