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Just After Declaring 'End of the Pandemic Is in Sight,' Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/02/just-after-declaring-end-pandemic-sight-trump-tests-positive-coronavirus


Hmm , does he really have it or is this his way of escaping being a loser which is intolerable to him .
I hope it’s both . i hope he does have it and he drops out of the race or drops dead .
"Yeah , i said it . Somebody had to say it . "
Chris Rock


It’s a hoax. Fake news.


Break out the 25th ?
This corona is not the mexican beer, dear
Gonna be a gloom newsday, it is clear
Not the cold or flu mere
CD will have no tear


“or is this his way of escaping being a loser which is intolerable to him .”

He’ll have plastic surgery, get into the witness protection programme and move to Muleshoe, Texas.


There’s a song beginning with the words, “Ding, dong…”


Or share a penthouse in Moscow with Vlad ,with the occasional visit from Kim for a 3 way.


Like everything else coming out of this White House, the media need only ask one question here, “can you prove it?”
Chicken Little Trump has lied so much that nothing can be believed anymore, if it ever could at all.
This diagnosis comes at a most fortuitous time for poor dumb Donnie. His poll numbers are shrinking, his own supporters are silent, he had a goddamn disastrous debate (and they want to change the rules on him now) the economy is contracting again (airlines layer off 40,000 yesterday) Covid numbers are rising again, and everybody in the White House seems to be running for the door.
I suppose we should have known it would end like this. In reality, it’s the only card he had left to play. Say you have Covid, cancel the rest of your campaign, and blame the virus for your loss on November 3. I doubt very much this is a play for sympathy, as even this idiot sociopath must realize that his supporters, Reagan and Nixon people all, don’t have any sympathy. It’s why they voted for him in the first place.
Poor dumb Donnie


Aww, why did you have to put that image in my head before I’ve had coffee?

Now look at what you’ve made me do. Where’s the Baileys?


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy - snark, snark.

Since no one can readily believe anything he says, there are grounds for skepticism about this, but the nature of this is such that it doesn’t put him in a good light. There is no flattery to his ego in this, which argues for a cautious belief and a very wide grin.


MAGA…Make America Great Again…Make the Roman Empire Great Again. Make the British Empire Great Again… grasping as one’s empire collapses never to return…


apologies , i couldn’t resist .

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Trump is in terrible physical condition. He is likely to be gravely ill and may die. It Will put the virus in a different light if it turns out to be what brings an end to Trump’s reign.


That’s ok. I haven’t had Baileys for a while. I’d forgotten how good it was!


Distraction Theatre:…
Act I: It is reported that POTUS & FLOTUS have the China Virus.
Act II: It is now reported that VPOTUS-Pence has the virus.
Act III: It is now reported that SOH-Pelosi has the virus…
Act IV: The Presedential Election is put on hold…

POTUS doing his job of distracting the American Public as the country collapses, as the Planetary Life Support System–The Biosphere–collapses…as the US and Global Economy collapses…as the Pandemic Spreads…


I was wrong. Reptiles CAN contract Covid-19.


If this is true - Then - Oh the irony, oh the irony!


Cosmic justice, karma, and blowback, thank you for visiting the Trumps.
Just like Herman Cain, these denialists who lied to us about COVID and caused tens of thousands of people to die or get sick deserve whatever bad happens to them.
Their negligence, holding big rallies, not wearing masks, scoffing at science, now it all comes back on them.
Of course, the Trumps have the best medical care in the world.
They might survive the virus. But the virus is doing its part to fight fascism.


Ivanka, Vlad, Donny, Melanomia, Kim “Sexual Harasser” Guiltyfoyle, Hope Dicks, the Kardashians, elite porn stars (remember that Melanomia was a girl-girl soft-porn star before being hired by Donny) and many others are probably on the rich folk orgy circuit.
We know for sure that Donny, Bill Clinton, and many others were on murdered Epstein’s Lolita Express circuit, where all the flight attendants wore Ivanka costumes.
These people are as sick, decadent and perverse as any of the corrupt Roman emperors.


Trump’s "drain cleaner"remarks, his mockery at times of masks, his irresponsible campaign rallies, his dereliction of duty on this crisis, his encouragement at times of irresponsible re-opening of states, his deception on the seriousness of the crisis, his indifference to a new relief bill, his cruelty to immigrants and minorities in general and during this crisis, his incitement of violence and willingness to use Covid as a way of undermining the elections and democracy, even his mockery of Biden at the debate for not holding large campaign rallies- and more…make this turn of events ironic in the mildest terms- and poignant. His willful negligence, indifference and willingness to sacrifice innocent lives for political (his) gain amount to treason and worse.

If he should recover-it seems likely he will mock the severity of the crisis. If he or his wife shouldn’t…