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Just After Declaring 'End of the Pandemic Is in Sight,' Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus

A plane load of Trumpers were exposed including MSM Pressers looking for a handout.

‘We’ will get through this together’ says Trump.

What’s with the ‘we’ Ke-Mo Sah-Bee? “WE” had enough sense to wear a mask and keep safe space.


I am sorry for the First Lady, but the only thing that could make me more gleeful than learning that the Moron in the White House has covid-19 would be learning that every republican in the senate just dropped dead from heart attacks. This is wonderful news and perhaps the break We The People need to get rid of this stupid, cruel, incompetent and mindlessly destructive person. Perhaps he will shoot up some bleach to end his vile life even sooner.


You’re sorry for Melanomia Trump???
That’s the same as being sorry for Eva Braun!!!


Caligula comes to mind:



the dog gets his day at last. May this murderer and his enablers burn in the hell they have helped to create for the rest of us. MADE MY DAY!


I was thinking along those lines as well, that is, is this just another con?


This is EXACTLY what I was thinking, that he didn’t have the guts to face all this anymore…and wanted to “hide”… I have been wondering how he would pull it off… would his doctor go along with it?.. and …once the whole quarantine was finished, he could say, “See, I didn’t get so sick and I lived… this virus is not so terrible…right”…when, he didn’t actually even have it at all… possibility…


Since I don’t really believe in a traditional god, I will say this without fear of going to ‘hell’. I hope they both suffer a long and painful death.


Yeah, can’t really rule that out. May be just another con.


You got me on this one… :rofl: :joy: Laughing with my coffee… good start to a day…

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But tell us what you really think. lol

Let’s deeply and sincerely hope they don’t survive it. At least not the fat, despicable prick of a Fascist. God if only there is this ultimate justice. Think what Trump dying from, or even getting Covid 19, will do to the true believers, the ones who have said “I won’t get Covid because God is protecting me”. The kool aid drinkers like this seeing their great hero get the virus.

They say fat people are more likely to be in danger of having a severe case of Covid. Let’s hope so. This country is so close to becoming a Fascist Hell with the ugliest human being on this earth being it’s “leader”.


Of course, as someone already mentioned, this could very well be just another con, another lie from the Pig in the White House. Oh please, not this time.


I know that I’m being unkind, but…YAY!!!

Nobody could deserve it more with the Trump Death Clock standing at 124,008


She has not really inflicted herself on the country like her husband. It is possible, however unlikely, that she is redeemable. He is not.

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Pessimists will be dipped in honey and tied to anthills. God does, occasionally, deliver appropriate doses of karma.


Hopefully the end of the pandemic of our Supreme Leader and his conservative supporters will soon pass. It has been a trial for America to fight both a medical illness and a political sickness at the same time.


Boris is a LOT younger and in better health than the orange troglodyte, who lives on Diet Coke and other garbage and definitely has some preexisting conditions.

Trump’s OUT for, at least, most of the remainder of the campaign and his value to his evangelical/white supremacist disciples is severely damaged.


OMFG that was hilarious !

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