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Just After Sanders Revealed Fox Viewers' Approval of Medicare for All, Trump's Medicare Chief 'Smears' Program on Network

Just After Sanders Revealed Fox Viewers' Approval of Medicare for All, Trump's Medicare Chief 'Smears' Program on Network

Julia Conley, staff writer

Days after Sen. Bernie Sanders's town hall hosted by Fox News revealed that many Fox viewers would support his Medicare for All plan, President Donald Trump's appointee in charge of Medicare appeared on the network in an apparent attempt at damage control.

Just like C. Nielsen this woman has the face of someone who doesn’t believe in her job. They take their marching orders just the same.

I wonder how many Americans see through these false statements?


I’m sure Seema Verma is getting upset with the prospect of M4A. How ever will she accomplish her job of literally killing people with healthcare policy like she did in Indiana if everyone is covered with M4A?


We get health insurance from work, partially paid by the company. for years, they paid the fines for not offering insurance; once the cost for not offering it got too expensive, they went back to offering it. UHC is the current insurer, with $5000.00 deductibles and $250.00 ER visit fees. The good new is, prescriptions are pretty cheap, but they won’t do 90 day prescriptions. My employer has always sought the best deal for themselves, not the employees.

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Of course Nancy Pelosi and Corporate effing Democrats are absolutely 100% with her on this.

Tandem smearing of “socialism” by Corporate State Democrats, Republicans, and talking heads in MSM from NPR to FOX News will become a fevered pitch in the months ahead.

Pelosi, a self avowed “progressive” and “centrist” of course has Trump’s back. The Trump Administration after all makes Corporate State Democrats’ task of incrementalism in the almost complete Corporate takeover of governance that much easier for them.

Pelosi guarantees that Trump will run for reelection by coming out against impeachment, by smearing the actual populism within the Democratic Party with right wing talking points, and the rest of the Corporate State Democrats will very likely ensure that the fake populist Trump wins another term.

But hey, their fucking taxes will be reduced. And those destined to live the rest of their lives in desperation not having access to medical care? Well die in the streets already losers is apparently their actual sentiment.

Now don’t give me some tired rationale that there is no other political choice but to suck the _____ of the monopoly of Big Insurers and Big Pharma. They are invested in the winners, and will have it no other way. Again, damn everyone whose lives are ruined in the process is their actual sentiment. They don’t give a flying cluck.


She is just earning her knee pad money.


To stir innovation and incentivize insurance we need to grind up a few poor people. That’s how our sacred market system works. Some of us would rather be citizens than commodities, but that would be socialism.

Be afraid. Those poor people are trying to take YOUR health care away!


Is this Seema Vermin an MD? It seems she must have taken the “hypocritic oath”.

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Time to come up with a handle for Trump for all the d-party candidates to use automatically:

How about “Liar in Chief.”

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The critics of medicare for all fail to mention that the poor worker who wrestles garbage cans for a living has to die for a simple appendectomy. Hospitals have to care for people regardless of ability to pay is a lie in fact…


Best guess? Two or three dozen, not counting progressives who are awake.

The effete “elite” of every stripe are dancing like crazy on their puppet strings.
I keep hearing horror stories of local hospitals being given the Romney treatment in takeovers - apparently the plan with Obama Care is to carry the hospitals to the brink for privatization. And where the buyouts are in the pipeline, departments, whether essential or not, are being eliminated if they aren’t profitable.

Wahaha… or the hypo-critical oath… lots of good variations on that one…

For me, something “sacred” is actually real. I call it our hole-ie market system for all the holes, tears, voids and shreddings left by the mandate to “externalize costs”. The latter being techno-speak for the three-monkey patter of see no costs, hear no cost, speak of no costs. In other words - utterly deluded when it comes to reality. Trick is for the 99% to really recognize and leverage the power swimming around free from those blind spots. I think that’s what the youngsters are glomming onto. More power to 'em!

Blah, Blah, Blah.

The same ole Profit Mongering talking points.

The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling, run for your life, as fast as you can from the lies spewed by Wall Street Profiteers making a fortune denying proper Health Care to millions of people with pre-existing conditions.

It is time to take the decision making for our Health out of the hands of people who get rich denying us the Health Care we need and deserve.

We need one large Group Health Care Policy for ALL Americans, it is called: Medicare For ALL.

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That has already been taken for Obama.

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I’m beginning to think Seema Verma belongs in jail for major white collar crime and fraud on the public. Look at her there in that picture with her mobster boss lying through her teeth. Both of them - disgusting.