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Just Ahead of 50th Anniversary, 'Catonsville Nine' Honored for 'Important Role in Antiwar Movement'


Just Ahead of 50th Anniversary, 'Catonsville Nine' Honored for 'Important Role in Antiwar Movement'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Fifty years after they set hundreds of draft files ablaze to protest the Vietnam War, the "Catonsville Nine" were honored with a historical marker in the Maryland community.


Of course never happen, but since this site is called Common Dreams, one of my dreams would be a memorial honoring the Catonsviille Nine put next to the Vietnam Memorial saying something like: WE HONOR THESE 9 ANTIWAR, HEROES WHO TRIED THEIR BEST TO STOP ALL THE LIES THAT LED TO ALL THESE DEATHS ON THIS WALL…

Question: where in hell are all the evangelical’s that supported Trump? The fact that Trump has no morals; is a pathological, liar; was an adulterer, who cheated on his wives; is alleged to have had sex with a porn star; and yet, not one evangelical, preacher has to my knowledge, come out to criticize Trumps immoral behavior. So much for family values!.


I think it’s something like “honour among thieves”


If only, the Democratic Party Establishment adopted an Antiwar platform of peaceful coexistence and diplomacy before hateful aggressive rhetoric, the Antiwar movement would clearly have a great chance of being the dominant discussion.

Granted, the Corporations would cut them off, however, the people, I believe, would flock to them.

Peace would mean more money for the People and the nation.


The 50th Anniversary seems to be a popular theme in these horrific corporate-controlled times! Perfect, 'cuz We the People sure as hell need some help. Seems the Catonsville folks deserve our gratitude, big time! Their courage is sooooo scarce.

Tonight, a live stream just ended. Featuring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II at the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church - titled “Sermon on War & Militarism”, in Washington, D.C. It was GREAT!


Seems the audio has been “curiously” lost! lol (as of 8:45am PT - 05072018) - It worked perfectly last night during the stream and right after it with the replay! It was a “smokin’” sermon! Smokin’ as in lotsa heat on the corporate shell government runnin’ today’s horror show.


Yes. My home town. Born raised and still live in Catonsville. Remember when that happened. Was a sophomore in high school. The good ol’ days