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Just Ahead of Labor Day, Trump Floats Tax Cut Condemned as 'Pure Giveaway to Wealthy'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/30/just-ahead-labor-day-trump-floats-tax-cut-condemned-pure-giveaway-wealthy

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Conservative dogma holds that we should subsidize that of which we approve, and tax that of which we disapprove. So, by that logic, we approve of collecting rents and speculating on margin, and disapprove of wage labor.

To borrow from Animal Farm, “Some incomes are more equal than others.”


The evil POS is having a schoolyard mental breakdown with his beloved faux network (until now) he ripped faux, and told followers via his mental social media blather they need to find another network - maybe stormfront is what trump has in mind.- that would suit his followers to a T.


Well, I guess the next Democratic President can index the minimum wage to inflation.


How much longer will “We the People” tolerate an insane buffoon in the country’s highest job?

How much longer until the damnocrats decide to impeach?

How much longer until courageous psychiatrists step in to start getting the buffoon locked up before WWIII?

How much longer until the u.s. collapses in on itself from poverty caused by the theft of the economy by the oligarchs?


Can we start building the gallows now?


The irony of a tax cut for the rich on Labor Day should insult every wage-slave in the country causing them to just do a walk-out strike. I honestly don’t think I can stand anymore, my soul is being ripped to shreds.


I remember when the Tea Party was all worked up over huge deficits and an out-of-control national debt.

And I’m sure that some Democrat is going to start hammering Trump and his cult about their hypocrisy.

Yep. Any minute now…


Here’s the latest from Don Caron. A fun fact, my wife wrote all but the last verse, and sent it to Don. Don finished it appropriately.



Obama gave them bonuses, bailouts, endless QE and free money to use at usurious rates. Results is Trump’s much needed tax cuts, least the kids only inherit a few billion each.


Start here : http://boisdejustice.com/ - Lots of photographs and facts about the French guillotine from 1792 to 1981. (I tried to post the GUILLOTINE! but Common Dreams wouldn’t let me) :-((


Wondering if this is to be considered compensation for stock market drop?

How many wealthy are feeling less rich since the market has been dropping and
have lessened their support for Trump?

Is this a way to bring the support back?

On Twitter, Trump promoted an op-ed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist urging the president to index capital gains to inflation, a move analysts say would primarily benefit the richest Americans.

“An idea liked by many?” Trump tweeted, linking to Cruz and Norquist’s article in Real Clear Markets.

The tweet comes just days after Trump told reporters he is worried about being viewed as “elitist” and seemed to suggest he was no longer considering bypassing Congress to index capital gains to inflation, a move analysts and lawmakers say would be illegal.

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That’s why she’s the better half, huh?


Brilliant. Thankyou Mrs. ponyboy. And Don.


Surprising; he looks like the RET@RD he seriously IS! Oh and … about to spew the last Big Mac he inhaled (b/c people that fat can’t stop to enjoy their food)!

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To give the nuclear codes to Trump the insane, has to be one of the most frightening things I have seen in my lifetime.


Why does he need a public network, he could just open up a new government office called “The Department of Propaganda”. They tend to be very popular in Fascist countries.


Grover Norquist…direct descendant of Lee Atwater. Both famously said they wanted to shrink the federal government to a size where it could be drowned in a bathtub. What that says to me is that they are selfish brats who don’t want to pay their fair share and live off the cuff as leeches to the rest of us. Atwater had Reagan’s ear, and kept whispering “Trickle Down” economics and “No taxes for the rich”. And here we are, forty years later, about to take the final dive down the same route as all other failed empires, where the few mega rich exhausted both the population and the land.


“…seemed to suggest he was no longer considering bypassing congress…”

Lets face it he doesn’t have to bypass congress, there’s enough rich repug’s and dinos in congress to pass almost any legislation he wants. Happy Labor Day 99%!! (Middle finger to the people).


Am I missing something. The House isn’t going to vote for a tax cut, so wtf.
And trump can’t mandate one either.

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