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'Just Another Day in the Kleptocracy': Trump Interior Dept. Official Heads to Fossil Fuel Extraction Company in Apparent Sequel to Alaska Plunder Push

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/04/just-another-day-kleptocracy-trump-interior-dept-official-heads-fossil-fuel

At some point wild teens move on from getting what they want by shoplifting, to getting an honest job.
When will republicans grow up?

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So here part of what is going on. In order to turn a profit under existing regulations and using existing technologies to extract oil, the Oil Majors need a price of oil at 60 dollars a barrel.

At the same time as per this article , in order for Oil to remain competitive with EV Vehicles it has to be at 10 dollars per barrel.(we are talking the long term here)

So how does the Oil and Gas friendly Government try and create the environment (even as they destroy it) for both of these to occur at the same time?

1>open up access to potential oil and gas reserves so as to put more on the market and lower prices.

2>remove regulations and enact subsidies so as to ensure the cost to produce a barrel of oil drops.(refer to it as an issue of National Security)

3>Try and head off the production of more EV vehicles and EV vehicle infrastructure so that technology is compromised. This coupled with trying to ensure things like mass transit via hi-speed rail never get off the ground (Referred to as boondoggles by the Oil Major Friendly media)

(the Koch brothers are funding think tanks to discredit electric vehicles)

East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet! So the writing on the wall as far as the Oil industry is concerned. They have to delay sustainable alternatives as long as possible and pump as much oil and gas out as they can and as quickly as they can over the next few decades so as to profit of those reserves while they can.

And it will kill us all.


Its not easy to supply fuel for more gas guzzlers in an exponentially growing population nearing 8 billion people while making oiligarchs richer, protecting public lands and stopping global warming at the same time.

Besides, our retirement funds are bet on the Wall Street Casino’s Fossil Fuel Roulette wheel.


Republicans are a literal threat to the survival of humanity. The only reason that adults are required to take them seriously.

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If Bernie became president, we flipped the Senate and put in a progressive instead of sellout Schumer, and AOC replaced Colluder Nancy as House speaker, we could pass a law outlawing the revolving door.

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When they, like most wild teens who then metamorphose, face serious consequences. (I know, I know, I’m not holding my breath)

The elite are desperate to keep fossil fuels mainly because our fiat currency is related to the price of oil. ie the petrodollar. If Green happens it’s game over for the corrupt Wall Street Federal Reserve scam and their political puppets. Bernie 2020 !! And AOC as house speaker. Warren is ok but only as a VP in my mind.

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Funny how the left seems to be the sane ones and republicans look like the new counterculture.
Just like back when the democrarts switched to conservative republicans, and the republicans in the north became southern slave holders.

Trump’s voters can read the price on the gas pumps, too. You cannot expect them to pay the true cost of extracting fossil fuels while earning $13.00 an hour and commuting 45 minutes to and from work, the weekend errands, and what not. Also, the affordable vehicles they buy tend to be older and less efficient, etc.
Mass transit is very sketchy and time-consuming in many parts of the U.S., as well. Using eminent domain laws to secure right-of-ways is a long process, often yielding uneven results, mostly.
Raising the fuel tax, funding better public transit options and offering graduated tax breaks; for people and households making less than $65K there would be substantial offsets, would be a start to ending the fossil fuel grip on that voting block. Carrots v. sticks, pretty much.
Finally, the break even point is $75 a barrel on many projects now in production or, on the books. Which makes them money pits, not wells, etc.

In The USA (just as in Canada) the vast majority of the people live within range of a major metropolitan center. This means the vast majority can be serviced via mass transit such as high speed rail just as they do in China (same size as USA more or less) and The EU.

Obviously there areas in the USA where the people are not near major centers and high speed rail makes no sense , just as occurs in Canada and those can still be serviced via highways and the private automobile.

As to eminent domain the USA already has the land needed for those new railways that are not owned by private individuals and that your highway systems. Just as in Canada and Europe rail lines can run along existing highways. AS example the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor in Alberta has a divided 6 lane highway running between those centers. Between those two highways is plenty of space to put rail. This is how they built much of the high speed rail lines in the EU.

In Canada and the USA there also a lot of abandoned miles of existing Railroad tracks.

Some good points but in America we’re decades behind in addressing our obvious dilemmas. We need to do many things in a compressed time frame.
The first of those things is to quit giving tax cuts to the top 10% and, through sheer propaganda, quit allowing the PTB to manipulate and corrupt our governments, federal, state and local.
Campaign finance reform and a new Congress would really help; but truly, so much more is required.

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I do not think it as much that the USA behind here, it is that the Governments at all levels want to protect those revenue streams of existing Industries that funnel money to their respective coffers. They can move rapidly on any of these issues if they wished to. They are corrupt and so will not.

Just as here in Canada you need more of those people in Politics that are not in it just to line their pockets.


British Petroleum is selling their Alaska operations for 5.6 billion dollars to Hilcorp Energy.
Phil, the fox business writer said BP 60 years in Alasaka.
Not true.
The original was a co-op with Sohio, Amaco and Arco building the Alaska pipeline using Nippon Steel pipe and forged fittings from Pennsylvania.
British Petroleum came to Cleveland and bought Sohio. Standard Oil of Ohio.
The moved to Chicago and purchased Amaco. Standard Oil of Indiana
They moved to Houston and purchased Arco.
That is how they got Alaska in their wicket.


We’re decades behind if you consider climate change and global warming was real and a " dangerous thing " in the late 1970s. Just as the Oligarchs did, and then burdened the rest of the planet with potential catastrophic event, after event. For the foreseeable future, I’ll add.
That’s not capitalism, that’s a form of genocide with a gov’t assist. I’ll leave it at that.

We could expand existing right-of-ways to accept a companion, high speed rail or tube. The old line could continue and double as a service rail for both.
China has been building many miles of raised and over-waterway rail and highway.
Even some underwater tunnels along with the conventional ones.
Puny U.S. infrastructure.