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Just as Digital Privacy Advocates Warned, Bezos Admits Amazon Writing Its Own Laws on Facial Recognition

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/26/just-digital-privacy-advocates-warned-bezos-admits-amazon-writing-its-own-laws

Bezos & Co. is outpacing the old Koch bunch as the most venal and money-grubbing bunch of neos headquartered on this continent. The timing of his announcement is interesting, too. The average voting American can hardly keep up with the pace of a highly motivated crew: The Police & Security State, The Impeachment Inguiry Crew, Trump’s thoroughly corrupted DOJ and Foreign Shenanigans Dept ( former State Dept. ).
With moves on Iran and Venezuela coming soon, the inaugural opening of the summer resort season in Juneau, Alaska; golly, good thing the World Series is coming and it’s football season. A minor distraction can be warranted sometimes.
Seems like some Asleep at The Wheel tunes are called for to lighten things up.
After all; as they say, " when you’re already skating on some mighty thin ice, you might as well dance. "
Mr. Bezos, call our next tune, please.

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What a surprise corporations and Banks as well as big Pharmaceutical companies, write their own laws!!! I’m shocked!


Oh well what can we do? Oh wait, this could be fun. I am wondering exactly what hackers can hack up? It might be fun to change all of Bezos horrifying ideas into some fun ones. So----if facial recognition really becomes a thing, maybe hackers could hack into the systems and make all faces into Bezo, or Trumps or Mickey Mouse. That might be a fun thing to do. Corrupt this evil system and make people have a good laugh at the same time. : )

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Full Disclosure: I work at Amazon in the physical security realm (key cards, alarm systems, security cameras). More pertinent is that I work in technology and have for 20-some years.

OF COURSE Amazon is working on writing legislation for one of their lines of business. Who would you prefer write it, a bunch of lawyers to whom the functioning of email is still a mystery? When you allow lawyers to design a technological system you end up with clusterfucks like the Space Shuttle.

Fight for the Future launched a campaign in July aimed at pushing Congress to pass a full ban on facial recognition,

I expect that would work just as well as the ban on exporting encryption did during the Clinton Administration; it handicapped US companies while every other company in the world did its own thing instead. The result is that we don’t have a standardized and easy system for encryption today, 99+% of emails sent are clear text and the encryption systems of (for example) Skype and WhatsApp are incompatible.

Facial recognition is coming, like it or not. It’s too useful not to, and already too widely deployed. I’m sure the buggy whip manufacturers tried to legislate against automobiles as well, hopefully this attempt has just as much success.

I refer you to Shelby’s post above. Nothing good happens for the general public–or the planet!–when regulated industries write the regulations.

And those email-challenged lawyers–by which I assume you mean Congress–have staff and budgets to do research into any subject they choose. Why they prefer to have laws pre-written for them is another matter.


Fortunately Thorn isn’t located in Oakland. This article is from 2018.

“Since 2016 alone, Spotlight has helped officers in the United States and Canada open more than 21,000 trafficking cases and identify about 18,000 victims, including more than 6,000 children.”

The technology is coming, it’s too useful to prevent its implementation. More pertinent though is the simple fact that, as Scott McNealy famously said, “Privacy is dead.” You are tracked everywhere you go already, whether they do it by facial recognition, cellphone IMEI, license plates, browsing history, you name it. Unless you want to be an off-the-grid hermit like the Unabomber you ARE going to be tracked.

Well, since Amazon Web Services (where Rekognition is hosted) has never been hacked from outside you might have to wait a long time.

LOL, BrianB:
Of course there’s another way to look at “Never been hacked, " and that sadly is that the spy networks just give Amazon a free pass for” their" work,"
Sadly any corporation that tracks employees movements and bathroom breaks just seems so inhumane. " We are all widgets now…"…coming soon to America, everywhere in America!
I am still horrified that Amazon wanted drone delivery…OMG, we’re killing all the birds now anyway! I suppose the birds and the bees will be run over by drone delivery too. When Americans run out of money—what will Amazon do----and so many people are running out of money more and more every day. Citizens shouldn’t have to live on the streets!
I read that a lot of people died during the last 1930s Depression . There’s a famous Depression picture by Dorothea Lang which shows a mother and her 4 kids in her car—
and she still has the car, but she is sitting out in the middle of no where---- and she has sold the car’s tires to feed her kids! When a nation of many, many people lacks money----it’s not long before they lack life! : ( It seems like AMAZON has become everyone’s nightmare BIG BROTHER! : (