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Just as Trump Slashes Global Health Funds, Experts Warn Coronavirus Could Infect 60% of World Population

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/11/just-trump-slashes-global-health-funds-experts-warn-coronavirus-could-infect-60

Trump slashes global health funding. At a time of potential pandemic when it is most needed. That’s putting America first all right. What If this virus should happen to really gain it’s stride overseas due to lack of money to pay people to fight it? And it spreads to the US?

That’s the plan only the fittest will survive or those that can afford the best quality health care .
Those are the winners in society when nothing but the dime has any value.

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The rich bunker people may have to go underground sooner than they thought they would. They can pray to trump from there.

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Sorry, all, but the ONLY way to get the Orange One to take this seriously, is to give HIS family the coronavirus (an approach which, for the sake of my morals and sanity, I do NOT recommend).

Just because some Chinese guy or girl thought it was cool to eat a bat…

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<< “Then the world will have to switch tracks: instead of trying to contain the virus, it will have to work to mitigate its effects,” Boseley wrote. >>

What does “mitigate its effects” look like, once you’ve caught the virus?

It might help if we all started calling it “the Mar-a-Lago virus.” Maybe that’s one taint that would stick to him.

Bombs kill thousands, disease kills millions. Why go to battle?