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'Just as We Said They Would,' Says Ocasio-Cortez as ICE Opens Three New Detention Centers in Defiance of Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/10/just-we-said-they-would-says-ocasio-cortez-ice-opens-three-new-detention-centers

Thanks for the heads up on the trump administration being lawless. How about a story on how this gets fixed and by whom.

The people of this country have had a hand in creating this mess by supporting the corruption of these two political parties with their unquestioned loyalty.

It is the people’s responsibility to clean up this mess.

There’s no one else coming to our aid.


Got it PB. Let’s hope that message is grasped by our people. What are the odds though?
We have been proving otherwise.

Author sez:
“Immigration and Customs Enforcement has reportedly opened three new detention centers in defiance of congressional orders …”

Hmmm … ordering a halt to increased detentions while handing over a $4.6 billion cheque based on a wink and a whisper strikes me as the very definition of “mixed messages”.
Apparently not only does money talk, but it does so at impressively high volume.


Any movement against this racist, tyrannical government, must be driven by the youth in our country.

I have no kids of my own so I can only observe what the kids of others are doing.

Voting Democrat and perhaps an occasional demonstration for or against something is what I’ve seen.

I see more activism from the youth in Europe, Hong Kong and even Russia, than here.

Are your kids involved in any political activism?

It’s their world to change.

Man, I hope standing up to the man doesn’t die with our generation.

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Using the Adams County facility is really not good. For those who don’t know the recent history of the facility and the company running it, check out the intercept. Story ran Dec. 17, 2016. “Mississippi prison riot”.

Couldn’t get the link to work after 2 attempts. Someone please explain to me if there’s a way to import the story without the use of social media. Thanks.

This is what I have been saying, it isn’t just immigrants being treating this way, it is standard penal standards and has been going on for a long time. They get paid whether or not there is an empty bed or someone is being detained.

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It’s worse than that. At least some of the contracts require a certain occupancy rate, below which the contracting authority (county, state or federal) is required to pay a penalty for “lost” revenue.

This creates a perverse incentive to make more things “crimes,” and to keep more people locked up longer.


I agree, it reinforces private detention as well and accounts for the rapid expansion. From vulnerable groups and so forth.

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Three new detention centers? I have been told that ICE has many more planned for the future even restructuring old Walmarts for future detention centers. True or not, Amerika now has it’s Amerikan,Gestapo.


This strikes me as the “charter school” version prison for profit which is already at the base of ‘slippery slope’ and ready to take off in nefarious directions. The poseurs who strut “tough on crime” are up to their eyeballs in investing in as broad a criminalization of society as possible for profit. REMOVE THE INCENTIVES!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

From the Marshall Project:

# Decoding the Border Law Democrats are Debating

A proposal by Julián Castro would make unauthorized border crossing a civil offense, not a crime.

In the first Democratic presidential debate, Julián Castro, a candidate from Texas who is a former mayor of San Antonio, surprised his rivals with a proposal to repeal a federal law that makes it a crime to cross the border without authorization. Castro said he would make it a civil offense, no longer a crime. He challenged every candidate on the stage to support his plan.

What is the crime?

Under a provision in the immigration code — Castro referred to its number, 1325 — an “improper entry” into the United States is a federal misdemeanor, a low-level offense. Migrants are prosecuted for crossing in between established entry stations or otherwise avoiding inspection by an immigration officer. The punishment is a fine and up to six months in prison for the first offense. Most immigration statutes are civil laws, something like the tax code.

Why now?

This crime is newly controversial because it was at the center of the furor over the separation of migrant families. The former attorney general, Jeff Sessions, issued a policy in 2018 known as “zero tolerance"

full article at link

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