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'Just Babies at the Time': ACLU Says It Can't Find Parents of Over 500 Children Separated From Families by Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/21/just-babies-time-aclu-says-it-cant-find-parents-over-500-children-separated-families

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Yes - this is a new order of crime against humanity:

“Evil is too kind a word for what the Trump administration has done here,” the legislator said, calling for the passage of the Stop Cruelty to Migrant Children Act she introduced in 2019. (article)

I simply am horrified - what I see every day here on CD - this is no longer about politics - this is pure evil incarnate.


Let’s be candid. Governments are disgusting, filthy parasites.

Those children would be with their families, and the good citizens trying to reunite them with their families would not have to struggle to achieve their goals, if the goddamn parasite known as the U.S. government did not exist.

Modern corporations are predators. Modern governments exist to facilitate the predations of corporations. It’s long past time to abolish them and enter the next phase of human evolution.

No viable alternatives spring to mind.

Maybe I am uncreative.

Can’t help but listen to the silence of the Democratic Party on this issue.
The time has come for someone, anyone, to address America’s kiddie concentration camps. Joe should make it the centerpiece of Thursday’s debate. He won’t. But he should.


He should, but he can’t. Not without acknowledging the previous administration’s role in building those detention facilities. “Deporter in Chief” indeed. Continuity is a motherlover ain’t it?

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One of the most jarringly surrealistic features of my universe – which felt like it got knocked askew by the (non-) reactions of close friends and family to racist thuggery against little babies, for crying out loud. Where I feel like I’m on one side of human solidarity, and so many of my (former) acquaintances seem to still be stuck over there on the human-despising side. Maybe it’s because I’m about 50% dog – seriously: I understand dogs much better than people, and vice versa: dogs sometimes seem to recognize a fellow-dog, gazing into my eyes.

But seeing those little babies in cages on concrete floors, and then essentially putting on the “I don’t really care” jacket with our lovely flotus (sounds like an intestinal disease), going on with your business and suffer the babies? I feel like a different species than that of people capable of heartlessness like that – so common it’s practically everywhere. This has been Sartre’s hell for me: other people.


Can’t help but wonder if right-wing pedaphilia is at the root of the separations.

They make the charge that it is the left that is involved. So far with everything the right does wrong, illegally and immorally, they try to flip to being a left wing thing.
Trump does this almost exclusively.

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Hi manysummits:
Well, let’s see: What does Trump care about? Ivanka—and she has 3 kids—so the 3 should be picked up at school and sent on a Where’s Waldo tour of South America-----
and when all the other kids have been reunited with their South American parents , although the kids might have forgotten who their parents were --or might not even remember— BUT, if those kids were reunited to their rightful parents —then Ivanka’s 3 kids will appear—like a miracle!
Yes, this is an idea both dumb and hurtful----but possibly there is a smidgen of goodness that would make Trump realize what happened to those 500 + kids- did happened to his own grandkids----maybe the horror of it all would hit him? Although it is trump I’m taking about----so maybe this is an idea as dumb of many of Trump’s.
Yes, I do know that is a ridiculous idea—but it could possibly bring some humanity to this dilemma—although with some bad luck, the 3 kids would be held until there was a high fee to get them back---------oh never mind, I doubt if trump would pay it.

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May I suggest that many of these parents are dead, as they begged for sanctuary in the US from gangs and corrupt governments in Latin American.

Made me laugh stardust - many thanks !

Just got our Pumpkin a few minutes ago - life goes on - but it is puzzling, isn’t it ?

I would point out the millions children murdered by the NAZI’s in WW2, thousands of children and babies murdered by collation forces in Iraq. The tens of thousands of children murdered in Vietnam by and allied forces. I also love dogs.

Unfortunately, I suspect this is the case for many of the parents…

This is just one more area where the US seriously needs to make reparations – besides Native American genocide, slavery, Hiroshima-Nagasaki, shock-and-awe, and (unfortunately) others too many to mention.

It’s time to turn this around, ASAP.

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I am right there with you Aleph…My heart goes out to all the innocent animals exploited and wasted due to human cruelty. And I guess that goes for human babies. The people who do these things are (I have to remind myself) rich, materialistic, uncaring, conscienceless reptiles who use anything they can get their greedy hands on–for their own entertainment purposes…and that includes children…and that includes trump.

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Hi manysummits:
Yes, life is puzzling and here we are in the month of Halloween------ if you could manage to carve that pumpkin into a growling Trump face----you could save a whole lot of money on candy-----and give the children the scare of their life! YOU could run part of that recent interview with 60 Minutes-----but that would no doubt scare the kids permanently! : 0

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I was just picking up a book at the local bookstore - “Dereliction of Duty”, by H.R.McMaster, about the Vietnam era.

And while there I read the introduction to John O.Brennan’s book “Undaunted”, about his time in the CIA and his rise to Director. He is scathing in his appraisal of Trump - absolutely scathing.

I have shied away from the CIA and FBI since JFK - they are professionals after all at disguise, at making this - look like that.

But I may have been wrong to ignore them and their agencies.

It is utterly clean and natural in the mountains Gloria - but it is a form of hiding.

Obviously this hiding has to stop.

O.Brennan is Irish, I am half Irish, but then Frank Sheeran was Irish, and a professional hit man for the mob -

Nevertheless, it may be possible to see the truth - and we all need to see the truth right now.

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Why hasn’t the government offered DNA testing to match children with parents?