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'Just Because He Does It in the Open Does Not Make Abuse of Power OK': Outrage After Trump Asks China to Investigate Bidens

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/03/just-because-he-does-it-open-does-not-make-abuse-power-ok-outrage-after-trump-asks

Was it really all that hard for Mueller to make the case for trump and Russia? Or was/is there something more nefarious going on?


something more nefarious

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I await a lot of people - some of them here, being very confused over what Trump is doing and what a proper independent investigation into allegations of corruption would look like…

I’m waiting for the “It’s a hoax” people to comment first.

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The Russiagate BS was debunked long ago! Why are some still holding onto it?! Wouldn’t it be better to spend time on the DNC INTERFERENCE, FRAUD, AND THEFT instead?!


GOOGLE YOUTUBE are eating the Democrats lunch and Trump will get re-elected. Millions of their viewers are getting spoon-fed propaganda lies from the Right Wing Spin Machine and the truth is gone. NOWHERE can you find the truth about what happened in the Ukraine and Biden is so fucking demented by age he is NOT effectively refuting the lies from Trump.
Nancy Pelosi is too old to be handling this too. She is fucking entirely out of touch with the ground war of propaganda. THE RIGHT WING’s MESSAGE IS OUT AND MULTIPLYING AND THE PROGRESSIVES and DEMOCRATS ARE BEING TROUNCED. Trump will be re-elected and the USA is becoming a third world country.


The ghost of Roy Cohn continues to haunt the American body politic.

Roy almost brought the US to its knees in the early 1950s in an orgy of anti communist, anti homosexual, and anti civil rights rhetoric. Fortunately the media of that day, and a few politicians with some testicular fortitude, called ol Roy on the carpet, and he was forced to slunk off to the shadows of Manhattan and become a two-bit mob lawyer, eventually dying a horrible, and karmically appropriate death to the ravages of aids.
I fear the that there are no media types and most certainly no politicians in this era that are up to the challenge of this generations Roy Cohn.


If a Democratic president did this shit, they’d be perp-walked.

Next up for Trump, sanctions on any country that won’t investigate the ByeDones.

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Trump may be soliciting help from foreign government for his benefit in the 2020 election but I don’t think that was his intent by pulically asking China to investigate the Bidens. No, this was an open challenge to the Dems to “ just try to take me out of office” by Trump. He’s daring them to do something. He knows the repulse in the senate will never remove him from office. As far as I’m concerned this creep needs to be locked up and ASAP!!!


Trump isn’t in any trouble, as long as his base believes what he says.


Looks as though McCarthy will be just fine with it–until Trump does it in a Republican primary.

But then if Trump can stir up a market for foreign-based political dirt, you can bet he will sell it to his loyalists in future Republican primaries. The making of a machine we got here.

why isn’t Trump demanding china investigate this:



Sorry, David, but that is just not true. Russiagate was proven to be of minor truth and major bullshit.

There are MANY MORE such articles. Just search “russiagate debunked”.

There is a clip of a congressional hearing that I can’t find where a Google exec was asked what they learned and the inquisitor’s facial expression on hearing the TRUTH is beautiful!



Speaking of “hoax”, I wonder how many “Russian conspirator theorists” are aware of this incident:



Since the subject of: Should we impeach trump on the Ukraine issue alone, or wait until all subpoenas are honored, testimony is given, and all witnesses on all of the wrong doing are heard. And the file the impeachment on the many accounts?
A poll.

  1. For a single count. Ukraine
  2. For waiting for all of the stuff.

As long as they are not picking their toe jams, they will listen to everything the moron says and buy it all.

The problem with that even if everything in the story is true, there still was a conflict of interest. Biden should not have been involved in this. He’s a laywer, for god’s sake. He knows better.


Blatant abuse of power has been the defining trait of Trump’s administration since they first rigged the election (crosscheck).
There has been barely a peep from washington during past two years in regards to any real illegality, prefering instead to distract everyone with made up allegations surrounding their favorite enemy, since apparently “they” thought they could him. Just as their predecesors once believed they could control Hitler, until he assassinated the lot of em and declared himself emperor. Luckily Trump is not that clever.
While the permanent state actors appear to be getting fed up with Trump, no establishment sponsored “whistleblower” is likely to discredit him in the eyes of the fanatical morons that are his base, nor is anyone else.
The only way he is likely to leave the office peacefully is if he is offered a suitable bribe to do so, or possibly a sufficient threat.


Where is the proof that nothing was going on? I could care less about Google or any other non trumpian connection. In my opinion Russiagate includes all of the Russia-trump connections, some of which are still playing out. The ones where people are in prison for right now. I include the sanctions debacle before the election.
If people want to call the Google connection a hoax that’s fine. But there is so much more. The Mueller probe didn’t even touch the money connections. That is still on the proper committees docket until the banking info is all in etc.