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Just Being Anti-Trump 'Not Good Enough': Sanders Urges Democrats in New Congress to Embrace This Detailed Progressive Agenda

Just Being Anti-Trump 'Not Good Enough': Sanders Urges Democrats in New Congress to Embrace This Detailed Progressive Agenda

Jon Queally, staff writer

While affirming that he "strongly" disagrees with former Newt Gingrich, who led the GOP in the House in the mid-1990s, "on virtually every issue," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is calling on Democrats in Congress to rip a page of out the Georgia Republican's playbook by creating—and aggressively pushing—a new progressive version of the Contract With America in order to galvanize the nation, offer real solutions to its most urgent problems, and go beyond being simply anti-Trump.


That would be great. And throw in fixing the census and un-“fixing” elections and perhaps a bill to have Pelosi actually support all of the above.


And no mention of cutting a bloated, obscene military budget, without which, financing the rest of the package is unlikely, not to mention that the our military is one of the largest sources of pollution in the world. More than that, however, is having the courage to end wars for profit and adopting a position that every human life is sacred, regardless of race or religion or country of origin. A so-called “progressive” agenda that ignores this all important issue is a hypocritical sham. It’s selling a car without wheels. There is nothing remotely progressive about the Democrats who continue to support our hideous foreign policy.


Pelosi is with the Republicans… she will enforce their “pay-go” rule that is a long-term drag on providing actual solutions.


Do it Dems. Bernie is correct. Leave the billionaire donors and come back to the people!


As jneastra wrote, the obscene military theft from our civilian nations needs must be addressed, even tho it may be the “third rail” in America as so many are so brainwashed by the MICC war-machine profiteers and confuse that theft with 'security".or whatever. The trillions stolen and wasted on war. death, destruction and diversion from the things that make a nation truly “great” or “strong” or “free” are a theft! Include all the idiot generals and Pentagon and Congressional corruption and phony narrative of the “jobs” the war-machine provides…it’s just like the lies the pathological immoral idiot is telling about the “jobs” we gain from selling arms to the saudi murderers and war criminals, regardless their depraved assassination of Khashoggi and their genocide in Yemen!!

The beginning of a return to a civilian nation and drastic cuts to the war-machine and war-profiteers must begin now!


Yes, there is so much to fix as the last 40 years has decimated the middle class by both republicans and democrats. We sorely need a new progressive agenda and wish lamestreet media would quit calling it a radical agenda. But we know they are the 1% and want to keep status quo.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Sanders sez: In stark contrast to Gingrich’s original (Contract on America)—“a radical right-wing agenda full of tax breaks for the wealthy, massive cuts to programs vital to working families, and racist and cruel bills to ‘reform’ welfare and our criminal-justice system” …

… much of which found a willing ally in the White House.


Agreed. And I’m sad that this important plank for which most of us here agree is missing from Bernie’s list. Bernie has given a very decent foreign policy speech (one he should have given during the primaries) and so if as imperfect as he is - if we had a government full of people completely aligned with Bernie, we still might be doing a few things wrong but the scale of reduction of criminality would be considerable (> 90%) and then perhaps people will rally behind intelligent cuts in the military (> 50%). As it is now, I’m afraid there isn’t as much of a majority opinion on drastically cutting the military budget as there is on each item in Bernie’s list.


Would only hope that the long list of do items would carry expenditures high enough to cause cuts in the military expenditures. Pipe dream, huh?


At least Bernie is talking about these issues. Does Bernie support things I wish he wouldn’t? Yes, but he’s still out there trying to wake people up. The few real progressives that got elected, I believe, was because he has woken people up. The either decided to run or vote for real progressives because of what Bernie was saying.

I hate Pelosi as much as you, and I agree most of the Dems won’t listen to him. But I wish you would stop the smart ass comments about Bernie. He’s not perfect but he doing more than any other legislator to improve the lives of the working class.


or maybe “pipe down!”

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Bernie and Jane will be hosting a meeting.That’s nice.


“Democracy Alliance, a group of more than 100 liberal donors who pledge to give at least $200,000 a year to a list of recommended progressive organizations, is holding a postelection briefing Thursday and Friday. Members of the alliance include bold-faced liberal names like Tom Steyer, George Soros and Susan Sandler. Reporters are not allowed into the event.”

Gee, I wonder whose agenda will dictate Nancy and Chuck’s policy stances…


Thank you. I am so sick of the deniers of what he does EVERY day, every day out there encouraging voters to step up, all for very good reasons. And every single time he is castigated by ageist and stupendously inane posts from libs it makes me hurl. And be happy I am independent again. I will vote for who I WANT these next elections, and if the Dems cannot provide the platform I will find someone who can.


Well, Pelosi and other Dems receive LOTS of cash from the industrial military folks. I will not hold my breath for that one.

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One thing at a time, by reinstating tax laws that since Reagan and W’s first term to where corporations and wealthy individuals receive refunds after paying nothing. Tax laws must be reinstated to same levels as were before Reagan.

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A Future to Believe In.

Proud of every moment I worked for this man and every dollar I gave.

Even more proud of my new local friends who fought for his candidacy in Philadelphia.


BINGO! When will enough people see through the Democrats con that they use progressives for their own nefarious ends? As long people continue to believe the lie that the Democratic Party is the party of change! The Green Party will never have any chance at replacing what is just another wing of the Congressional war party!


My thought also

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Maybe Sanders wasn’t paying attention to the election that just took place but if he was then he should have realized that the Democrats were focused on the heathcare issue because they thought it was their strongest issue. Of course in many parts of the country being anti-Trump is going to get a lot of votes and it was probably most responsible for the large turnout. I know where I live it is the issue that gets the biggest response and Democrats did extremely well running on.

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