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'Just Blatant Voter Suppression': Groups Sue to Stop GOP Texas Gov. From Eviscerating Ballot Drop-Off System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/just-blatant-voter-suppression-groups-sue-stop-gop-texas-gov-eviscerating-ballot


Dems successfully just had the Greens kicked off the ballot in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Texas. They also rigged their 2016 and 2020 primary to defeat the progressive candidate in favor of their war mongering Wall Street toadies. Republicans rig the political system to defeat Democrats; Democrats rig the political system to defeat their own base. Thus, while Republicans are opponents to the Democrats, Democrats are opposition to their own voters.


An interesting idea. Folks in rest homes vote here easily - if they are even still alive.
Volunteers and county election board paid employees, an R and D together, visit each and
the residents vote. The ballots are sealed in the envelope and returned to the election

Texas and all others:
Due to covid19, why not depend on post office until about October 20th.
Then go to voters phone call to county for a ballot pick up. Particularly those
over 60 years of age, infirm, handicapped, and those without personal

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You’re missing the point of this subject. It’s not that the things you brought up can’t be done, it’s that they purposely won’t be done, fewer votes means more repug’s win, that’s been their strategy for years now, and it works.

Voter suppression enablers actions need to be called out as unamerican, loudly and publicly. That includes the dem corporation, when they fight to remove other parties from the ballot.


Also in Alaska. But It would not have mattered as Alaska is probably the reddest State in the Union and the Green Party would never have a snowballs chance in hell here!


I did not write that very well.
I was intending to describe a work around
for citizens in Texas and other places where
artificial obstacles are ‘mandated’ by some
person who does not even have the authority
for the edict !!

Humor is that NY law firm needed to work this case.


While our Republic is called a “Democracy” by politicians and the two-party charade players, it is abundantly clear the Republicons actively work against “Democracy” as well as the entrenched DP hierarchy.
So the R’Cons actively work to suppress and disenfranchise voters in many overt and only slightly disguised ways and thus work against the supposed bedrock of our nation, free and fair elections - is that treason or just hyper-partisan malignant hard-ball politics?

The unDem Party establishment also screw their rank and file Dems, and Progressives and Independents to serve their own hyper-partisan and narrow self-interest - basically that means serve their campaign-contribution bribery - that now “legal;” means for both parties to subvert the will and interests of the people, and direction of our nation via fraudulent corrupted politics, elections and legislation.

How can all the elected officials that do not serve the public get elected and re-elected when its so obvious they are corrupted by the big-money (and “religion”) controlling our politics?

That brings me to the SCOTUS, that sanctified the crime and corruption via their right-wing rulings designed to subvert and sabotage the very claimed bedrock of our Republic, ie “democracy”. Is that treason, or something else?

The Rabbit Woman is chosen to make that right-wing court the bedrock of our Republic if allowed to continue and become more powerful than elected representatives of the public! - a subversion of the balance out Founders envisioned. and the separation between church and state now under dire obvious threat!. Is that treason?

The circle of corruption is complete and the ability of Texas Governor to usurp elected legislative power and prerogatives to “issue and order” ala trump, the central node of mental illness, corruption, contempt for law, and present ruler by executive fiat!

This election is not what one would want but critical all the same to take the WH, House and Senate to begin to destroy the overt crimes, dictatorship and rule of an entirely right-wing court…To fight treason and undermining the bedrock of our Republic!

VOTE THEM OUT! Start to rebuild our promised but not delivered bedrock foundations!


The only way true Losers can win is through suppression, rigging and cheating…as evidenced to varying degrees in both parties.


Qualifications to be governor of Texas= ignorant, backwards and mean.


And it is coming on steroids as the GOP is making plans to steal the electoral votes in states with GOP governors.


what republicans lack in brains and popularity they make up for with a willingness to cheat to win elections.

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very good point!

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You write fine, Oldie. And instead of just complaining, you’re offering a solution. Thank you.

Ann Richards was none of those. How soon we forget, eh?

This should be illegal if not unconstitutional, & if I were a mayor or county commissioner, I would defy this order, & see where it goes legally.

Oh, see was good at keeping the death penalty moving forward in Texas. Too bad Jim Hightower was never Governor of Texas.

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