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'Just Comes Right Out and Says It': Trump Declares Postal Service Can't Handle Mail-In Voting Because He's Blocking Funding

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/just-comes-right-out-and-says-it-trump-declares-postal-service-cant-handle-mail

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Such an honest Orangina. This sort of leadership is what the the country has been missing since Italy in the 1930s. President Trumpeshenko has been so good for the USSA.


The president of the United States is actively trying to sabotage the election.

DUH… it’s the only way he will be able to win, despite the grand success of the GOP’s 40+ year fight to dumb down the voters.


Now you know why video games have been such a “thing”. There is an assumption afoot that the envelope can be stretched beyond the breaking point
and no one will move a muscle… not even the cranial part


" How shall we stretch our eye
When capital crimes, chew’d, swallow’d and digested,
Appear before us?"

A citizenry largely of capons, devoid of ability to respond to treason and conspiracy openly admitted by word and deed by a wannabe dicktator of the lowest moral compass and integrity.
A neutered mob of placid ostriches, heads in the sand , content in their ignorance, unable to see past the nightly pablum that passes for news from their comfortable couches.
A political class either part of the conspiracy or too entrenched in the “system” to act for the Republic and people - too divided without a real mechanism of opposition - a political party of grit and determination, only one of weakness and complicity.
And the beat goes-on…


Well, if a few million armed people were to begin to peacefully converge on DC to defend the Constitution, he and his minions might actually decide to run away while they still could.

Otherwise, no voting for us.


How to even reply to this, the corrupt fascist, and, now to be named, and his corrupt, fascist, and, stupid supporters, and all who may vote for this malignant piece of shit, may they ALL be condemned to the worst possible outcomes for their crimes against this country. And this does include friends, neighbors, and relatives.


Good point, in total agreement with your idea.

In the article it states that:

“Joining their Senate colleagues in raising alarm about DeJoy’s policy changes at USPS, more than 170 House Democrats [sent a letter] condemning the Postmaster General’s ‘reductions of overtime availability, restrictions on extra mail transportation trips, testing of new mail sorting and delivery policies at hundreds of Post Offices, and…reduction of the number and use of processing equipment at mail processing plants’.”

Is this the best that the Democrats can do, sending a “letter” to DeJoy about what he is doing to the Post Office? It would not be surprise to find DeJoy and Boss Trump rolling on the floor in laughter regarding the Democrats’ impotent message to the Postmaster General. If the inept Democrats cannot come up with a better plan than this then they might as well tell Trump that they have no plans on opposing his attempt at getting four more years of fascist rule in the White House.


their paymasters would love to see the USPS dissolve, too. After all,when the Dems held the entire government for Obama’s first two years, there was a ton they could’ve done, not the least which was to remove the pension funding requirements that decimated USPS in the first place.

But yeah, we were just cruising along all nice until Donny decided to wreck paradise.

So he gets a sternly worded letter, of course, and nothing much else.

But maybe a Russian click farm can do some more ads so we can have a real impeachment again!


The.Worst.President.Ever. Out out, damn spot!


I truly believe that the U.S. Postal Service can easily handle a surge of 100 million thick election envelopes in over 3,300 counties. It is true that current sorting machinery will chew up thick envelopes. 1/4 inch is maximum that flows thru without damage - mostly.

Money is needed by county election boards to purchase envelopes, hire help and add counting tables.

we were warned yesterday to avoid volunteers who say they will hand deliver our mail in (absentee) ballot to election board in person.


Very well said which is why I have no intention for voting for the Democrats a/k/a the second largest corporate political party in the world. As a Vietnam veteran foreign policy is a big issue for me and which is another reason why I will not be voting for Biden who, like Hillary Clinton, rarely declined to support a war which the United States was illegally and immorally involved. It is also extremely germane to point out that in 2019 Kamala Harris told the New York Times that Israel somehow meets international standards of human rights which would, to put it mildly, come as a shock to the Palestinian people.


Recall then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s serial “I don’t have the votes” mantra during the 2009-10 period when Obama and the Dimcritters controlled Congress ?

During that period the Dims concentrated on their corporate welfare program bailing out Wall Street and their corporate welfare program disguised as health care reform, while failing to restore the assault weapons ban and failing to overturn Pete Sessions’ 2006 kill-USPS-legislation.


That’s beyond an impeachable offense . It is implied in the constitution that everyone has the right to vote even though it is not specified as a right . That did come about for minorities in the ( 14th amendment ?)
where the word " right ) was used .
at any rate the right to vote in a democracy is so obvious that the framers probably felt it wasn’t necessary to say it and now the very thing that defines democracy , voting , is being illegally denied by psycho boy ? WTF , invoke the John Wilkes Booth clause !!


“Banana Republic” and “Failed State” come to mind.
What comes next remains unclear.


It’s perfectly clear to those familiar with 20th century history.

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But you don’t suggest an alternate plan, and I have trouble thinking of one – within the confines of USA’s absurd electoral system and its representational limitations. Orangeman exploits the “good faith execution” loophole to the hilt in this as in everything. The very structure of putative law in USA is premised on the assumption of a good faith effort by the executive to implement the will of the legislature (as umpired by the judiciary). The whole wonderful genius of the founders wad falls apart when our Senate and Supreme Court grant a blatant criminal license to do whatever the hell in executive office. This is deliberate Constitutional arson. As the fire rages out of control, the genius of our brilliant founders goes up in smoke.

Welcome to revolutionary times, like it or not.


The only good thing I can say about Trump is that he says the bad part out loud and exposes the con game that ALL of our political leaders, the MIC, big business, and the Oligarchs have been playing forever. They must feel real dismay that for many of us, they can never spew their lies again without much skepticism being applied. Of course, that won’t dissuade them from continuing to do so, but most of us here, and many people elsewhere, will never believe them again without compelling evidence to support their assertions.


the second thing Trump said that was true in his entire life. The first was when he remarked about Harris’s’ selection for VP candidacy. I think Trump may be turning over a new leaf, that’s twice, after all these years, that he didn’t lie.

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