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'Just Count the Votes': Where Voter Suppression Not Quite Enough, GOP Now Trying to Stop Ballot-Counting in Multiple States


I hope the good will of Canadians continues. We need your example of good governance, regardless of election outcomes.
I also never miss a chance to apologize to Canadians for America’s atrocious behavior and boorish manners after 9/11. I spent time in 2002 exploring your beautiful nation and the people were very cordial. However, they pointed out how the Police & Security State were not. The unnecessary harassment and suspicious nature of their border policy was not helpful, it was downright insulting to many good, caring and considerate Canadians.
Sorry about the past incivility. We’ve got some big issues to work on down here in the lower 48.


Maybe your talking about Kemp in Georgia ??? This so called county official your talking about from what I understand was appointed by Gov. Bush.

And just understand my friend this all goes back to 2000-----when the republican controlled Supreme Court refused to count all the votes in Florida----and this in part because of bullying tactics by republicans-so it worked then—just keep doing it.

9/11 happened because of 2000. The Iraq and Afghan war happened because of 2000. The housing meltdown in 2007 happened because of 2000. The massive debt the US now has is BECAUSE OF 2000.



Yes, she was appointed by Bush, to fill an vacancy. She remained in the job after being re-elected to the position. Regardless of how she started in the position, she has been found in violation of election law for destroying ballots and opening ballots without proper witnesses. Reports of “new votes” being found and not even providing a count of how many votes have been cast to be counted makes this look like a case of “lets keep counting until the Democrat wins”. At best she is not providing the transparency required to allow confidence in the vote count, at worst she is allowing fraud to take place.

As for 2000, the issue was a FAIR counting of the votes in Florida, democratic counties recounting (and possibly damaging ballots by repeated handling, i.e. chads being knocked loose), inferring intent, prevents equal treatment of all Florida voters.

9/11 was in the planning stages for a few years prior to the 2000 election, when Clinton was President. It is ludicrous to assume Gore (as Clinton’s VP) would have changed US foriegn policy enough to call off the 9/11 attacks. The Afghan war was a direct result of 9/11 and the Taliban’s protection of OBL. Again, not sure what Gore would have done that would have resulted in the turn over of OBL without invading Afghanistan.

Iraq was never directly about 9/11, it was a continuation of the policy that governments that support terrorism cannot stand. Iraq regularly supported international terrorism and we would have been fully justified in invading Iraq for their failure to live up to the Gulf War ceasefire.

Count the votes yes, but make sure they are legitimate.


thank you. couldn’t be more candid in saying my best wishes.

yes, I am motivated to support common dreams with my modest canadian bucks. will do so after mid month