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'Just Cut the Price': Consumer Groups Unimpressed With EpiPen Generic


'Just Cut the Price': Consumer Groups Unimpressed With EpiPen Generic

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The maker of the emergency allergy medication EpiPen, Mylan, on Monday announced a generic version of the drug amid a price-gouging scandal—indicating that, as journalist Sonali Kolhatkar wrote on Twitter, public outrage can create change—but consumer groups say it's too little, too late.


"...public outrage can create change.."

Well, it has taken over-the-top greed to get the 'public' attention. Blatant, extreme and unapologetic greed may eventually be what turns things around. Even congress-critters might start to get it. After all, with the ACA requiring government to pay for these outrages, they may have to cut back on the War Budget. Horrors!


Jill Stein of the Green Party includes the following item in her platform:

"End overcharging for prescription drugs by using bulk purchasing negotiations."

Remember to vote green in November. Voting corporate does nothing more than perpetuate and worsen the crises that capitalism generates.


What a shell game...increase the cost 600% and then offer a "generic" at the bargain price that is only a 300% increase.

Murkin sepshunnalism at its best !


Milan CEO Heather Bresch (sp) according to other posts around the web is not only greedy but a cheat. It is reported that the president of WVU (reportedly a former schoolmate) unprincipally awarded her a degree that she did not earn, which cost him his job. Also, the R&D in producing the epinephrine and the epipen delivery system allegedly was developed by the US government (taxpayer funded). Milan bought the rights to the epipen, they did not develop it. This is symptomatic of the struggle ahead to overthrow our corrupt political economy. There are millions of oligarchs like this in our country and they are destroying the social fabric upon which we depend and fund. Greed. Greed. How much is enough I asked a multimillionaire I know. "It's never enough," is what he told me. This can only wind up in the streets.


First this bunch raises prices by a factor of 4, then announces a generic is available for ½. Listen for the politicians to announce this is a win-win victory!! As for buying on the world market, it is much simpler for them to buy politicians.....the courts recently said corruption was an acceptable process of government as regarded former Virginia governor.


I may be missing something but as far as I can discern, under our system, no one is owed a job, and no one is owed a life-saving drug, let alone an affordable price for it.
The latter is known as free-market economics. It was wildly popularized by Ronald Reagan and acolytes, and 3-1/2 decades on, it is still quite vigorous.


In that context, perhaps we aren't as free as we think.


We have a dentist in the family. He said there is about 3 cents worth of epinepherine in the pen. He said there is no reason they can't sell a syringe for a few cents and a bottle of epinepherine to give yourself a shot if needed. These prices are ridiculous and nothing they have told us to justify the high prices make any sense. If a company has shareholders, they need to make profits, end of story.


When I see Martin Shkreli, and Heather Bresch in handcuffs and leg irons being led into a maximum federal prison's general population cells, I will feel better about it


I have a sure-fire and rapid solution to these capitalist vultures ... nationalize them!

We would only need to nationalize a few from different sectors before the vultures realized it is in their interest to "play nice" and fair with consumers ... the only moral reason for their existence and the source of their fat compensation packages that have no direct relationship at all on their contribution and service to society.

Compensation packages of corporate senior executives that are determined under the current system of oligopoly are not based on free market (marketplace) conditions since the conditions are entirely controlled by the companies within the oligopoly as sanctioned by the state on behalf of the elite ruling class.

Unfortunately, these stories of vulture capitalism have become commonplace. As these stories fully illuminate, capitalism is a crime against morality.

If the average working person was to take advantage of another person in the marketplace to the extent of these vulture capitalists, he or she would be charged with theft ... at a minimum.

Why the difference?

Large corporations have the protection of the laws (the state) that are designed by the large corporations to not only permit but protect their unethical behavior.

The average working person must abide by laws that are designed to exploit and oppress him or her to a lifetime of subjection to the elite ruling class, the directors and senior executives of the large corporations.


We used to have congressional hearings about issues like this. Is part of the GOP platform the protection of these kind of scumbags?


This is greed on a galactic scale.
I just looked up the cost of a similar product here in Germany . Are you sitting Down?
17.15 euros if you pay cash at the pharmacy. If you have insurance it is 5 euros.


the mantra of the elite ,, " too much is not enough "


The 'medicine' inside two of these EPI-pens, which was discovered in the 19th century and in the Veterinarian world is worth about 30 cents for both doses. Geezus Crackers man, WTF?


To the editor: You "rein in" costs, not "reign in".

(It's ok to post grammar police comments on the article rather than other comments, right?)


Fire Company EMT in Salt Lake City Fire Department makes an epinephrin kit to replace high cost epipen


If the US wouldnt have embargoed India's generics, an embargo lobbied by pharma corps, the makers of Epipen would have had to keep the price down to compete. But why would a corp want to compete in a competitive market...false ideology of a 'free market' system. There was an artical here about a month ago about the embargo. So, this also means that the price quadrupled.