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Just Days After Clinic Murders, GOP Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood


Just Days After Clinic Murders, GOP Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As reproductive rights advocates and elected officials call for an end to the GOP "witch hunt" on Planned Parenthood, the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to defund the healthcare organization that provides everything from pap smears to abortion services to sexual education for millions of men and women each year.


It should come as no surprise that the GOP commits yet another atrocity on Planned Parenthood and women. To appease the evangelical "Christian" right, the American Taliban, they make common cause with, and are little different from those who preach violence against women's reproductive health rights and choice; they are thus complicit to the Colorado attack on PP and murders.


May all the girlfriends of the married and unmarried Senators that voted to defund Planned Parenthood send their medical bills for any gynecological exams conducted outside PP clinics (thus costing a fortune or two and for their costly birth control products as well) to their lovers' homes along with notes that they may be sued for unwanted pregnancies and child support for the results of going through with those pregnancies. The ONLY way these MCP's (Male - C - Pigs) will ever support Planned Parenthood would be for them to personally suffer the consequences of their actions. Are their wives as narrow-minded and pig-headed? Would they force their unmarried teenage daughters to go through a full pregnancy, delivery, and then adopt out the child as was the practice before Roe v Wade?


Despicable bunch of pigs!!!! I don't know what else to say. The Phyllis Shaffly propaganda and lies of the 70's and 80' finally bears fruit. Planned Parenthood = abortion is the meme.
$ 0 dollars go to the abortion side of PP, and abortion represents what, 3% of what they do. We truly are at the mercy of Idiot America where if you present your inanities in the form of loud braying repeatedly, they become true.


The fact that this is happening is way beyond disgraceful. That's all I can say.


this nation is becoming one of the most dangerous and unsafe places to live on the planet - especially for all women and girls! The lunatics of the GOP need to be recalled by the women of their states immediately. Their aim, females, is to keep us all in bondage and pregnant and their guns nearby to make sure you know who is the boss. Ugly does not begin to describe it all - and now with the bust of their brave leader Cheney cast in marble, it's hard to find a place upon which we can gaze without nausea in D. C.


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The thugs in the Republican Party don't know how to stop: they are so used to being thuggish, it's now their second nature. These people are so depressingly predictable--they pretend to outrage at the alleged horrors committed by Planned Parenthood, but when it comes to right-wing, masculinist terrorism, they won't even call it "terrorism," but go out of their way to minimize the political dimension of the violence by attributing it solely to mental illness. So many of today's Republican politicos are pompous, callous and stupid, only they don't know that they are stupid because they support each other in their stupidity. It's rather like the inmates in a lunatic asylum: nobody knows they are mad, because everyone is! The stupidity and viciousness of the Republicans is most obvious in the Tea Party. The Tea Party faithful make virtues out of ignorance, belligerence and ruthlessness. Theirs is a take-no prisoners, no-compromise attitude. No wonder quite a few of them seem like neo-fascists.

Now that the Republicans have launched their assault on Planned Parenthood, they feel that they cannot turn back, because it sends the message to their (deranged) supporters that they are "weak" and "unprincipled." You see this dogmatism in the likes of the odious Ted Cruz who refuses to accept climate change as a scientific reality because it is politically incorrect to go against "conservative" beliefs. Now that the Republicans have convinced themselves that Planned Parenthood is a nothing but a baby recycling factory, they cannot let go of the bone, even though there is no reality to the charge. Republicans believe what they want to believe. You can't argue with people when they take up that stance. You just have to resist them and keep them away from power.

The fact that the Republicans are seeking to defund Planned Parenthood while doing nothing substantial about gun control shows where their true priorities lie: they are more interested in controlling women (and their sexuality) than in regulating guns, which tend to be wielded, in a criminal fashion, most often by out of control men. Personally, I am not in the least concerned what a young women is up to in her own sex life, but it worries me greatly that the guy down the road is able to amass an arsenal of weapons and nobody can do much about it...


Women make up more then 50 percent of voters. Obviously women sleep with these Republicans so women are against planned Parenthood because they sleep and have babies with these alpha predators. Trump is a good example. Nice girl, money, hmmm. George Bush dumb, rich and again. Nice girl. Ted Cruz ugly, rich, predator, con artist, hmm nice girl. On and on. Same pattern. When I see patterns I have to wonder. Cheat on wife. Go in front of the church, get forgiven and keep on sinning. Bill Clinton. Hillary was a Goldwater girl. She stays with the adulter. Rich, famous, liar and again nice girl. Pattern ladies?