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Just Days Before Exit, Trump Plans 'Going Out of Business' Sale With Arctic Drilling Leases

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/03/just-days-exit-trump-plans-going-out-business-sale-arctic-drilling-leases


These contracts all need to be voided for not complying with NEPA.


Bidder 70? Any Tim DeChristophers out there!

Hopefully, Biden admin will void these sales.

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I hope there is a deep investigation regarding - Bribes For Leases
The potential here is yuuge


Biden, sans authority until Jan 20th can only tell potential bidders than he will , as president, work to void these sales. This he simply must do immediately!
C’mon Joe, step up!


Unfortunately, the average Alaskan resident is all for these leases as it potentially puts $$$$ in their pockets. The only exception are the indigenous people.


If you thought the first 3 years and 10 months were corrupt, just wait until you see what happens between now and Jan 20.
The fire sale has begun! Everything must go! We’ve lost our lease and everything will be priced to sell! No reasonable offer will be refused!
Let’s face it, Donny and his progeny need has much liquidity as they can muster as they will need it to pay off the state of NY. That, or it’s just all heading to the Caymans to be tapped into once the Trump family manages to find a non-extradition nation to take them in.
I’m beginning to doubt any of them will be in the country on January 21. Like the Saudi royal family on 9/11, they’ll be in the air when the shit hits the fan.


i don’t generally like the concept of “evil” as an intentionally and gleefully malevolent force in the cosmos.

Guys like Trump and McConnell make a strong case for it…

Looks like FDR got it right: “December 7th … a day that will live in infamy.”

I hope he will too.
Announcing that he will void all leases on 1.20.21 would make them think a while before dropping a nickle on those projects.

PS: I’d luv to be wrong, but Not holding my breath

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Or for any reason at all, or for no reason at all - just voided

National Parks, Monuments, Lakes, Streams, Oceans, Other Picturesque areas & Animals belong to the Animals & Public with clean air & water - NOT greedy-polluting corps - SAVE them now - Do It Now!!! No killing of animals; in other words - no hunting, fishing, mining, or development of any kind - leave it in its natural state for all to enjoy forever.

Mankind is king of beasts, his brutality exceeds theirs.

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